Free To Grow partners with organisations in shaping and sustaining a culture of high engagement and collaboration

Since 1994 our programmes have been implemented in more than 1 260 organisations in 32 countries reaching over 96 325 people.

The what and why of what we do

We strengthen the connection between organisations and their people, and people and their organisations. Through this we help shape organisations where people – and the business – thrive.

We therefore help organisations strengthen the psychological contract with their people, fulfilling the potential of both.

Employee engagement makes business sense. It:

  • increases employee wellbeing and work satisfaction,
  • strengthens the Employee Value Proposition enabling the organisation to attract and retain key talent,
  • builds a culture conducive for peak performance and active participation, and
  • positively impacts the bottom line.

We impact engagement from two angles:

  • Aligning hearts and minds of employees to what is important to the organisation so that they are prepared to go the extra mile to help the organisation achieve success
  • Lighting a fire within leaders and equiping them with the skills to build and sustain a high engagement culture, making work a meaningful and positive experience.

We offer our clients:

  • 24 years experience gained through working with more than 1 260 organisations in 32 countries,
  • representation throughout SA and in 8 African countries,
  • programmes and expertise to meaningfully impact all levels in the organisation, and
  • tools to sustain positive change.

How we work

Shaping and sustaining a culture of high engagement and collaboration is a journey and not an event. Collaboration and co-creation with our clients forms the core of our tried and tested 5 E approach. We do not provide solutions for clients, we shape solutions with them.

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