“A tiny seed can grow into a big tree.”

African proverb

Geraldine Leibbrandt




Geraldine Leibbrandt, Programme Manager and Director, Free To GrowGeraldine joined Free To Grow in 2003 as a facilitator. Today, she is the Programme Development Manager, a Senior Consultant and is a Director of the company.   She has extensive experience facilitating Free To Grow programmes and processes in different contexts and countries in Africa and elsewhere. She has presented programmes at management level in South Africa, Kenya, Uganda,  Jordan and Uzbekistan.


This experience equipped Geraldine to fulfil the role of Free To Grow master trainer and she still facilitates selected projects.


Her qualifications include a Banking Diploma, BcComm and Honors in Psychology. This, combined with her deep passion for the development of people, her character, competence and experience, ensures that she adds value to all aspects of programme implementation, from customisation to feedback.


Geraldine’s previous career in corporate and commercial banking, spanning 20 years, provides her with a solid understanding of business, which enables her to make the programmes she develops, customises and presents contextually relevant.