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“A tiny seed can grow into a big tree.”

African proverb

Hennie Brittz



Hennie Brittz Executive - Special Projects

Hennie joined Free To Grow during 2016 as a senior consultant and facilitator, later joining the Manco team to head up several internal operational excellence projects.


Hennie has been in the consulting industry for the past 11 years and has been involved in a diverse number of projects across Africa. His specific areas of interests are large-scale organisational change design, project management and implementation, employee engagement and communication strategies and creating experiential and immersive learning solutions. 


He champions the TeamConnect methodology, an approach that drives a culture of accountability and high performance through values-based collaboration. With his data analytics skills, Hennie develops and implements custom BI & CI dashboards for clients to track team performance utilising the TeamConnect technology.


Core to Free To Grow’s offering is developing visible and engaging leaders as well as enabling teams to be more effective. As a facilitator and coach Hennie is actively involved in delivering SCORE!,  LeadQ and TeamConnect training and coaching to Free To Grow clients. He is also a creative wordsmith and assists clients with articulating business strategies and the development of culture and communication strategies. These strategies are designed to drive information sharing at all levels to capture both hearts and minds and to inspire action to change. Hennie has successfully mobilised change in both small and larger organisations through implementing these strategies.