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“A tiny seed can grow into a big tree.”

African proverb

Kim van Schoor



Kim van Schoor, Marketing Manager, Free To GrowKim is the Marketing Manager and a Consultant at Free To Grow and plays an integral part in the day to day operation of the company.  In her Marketing capacity, she manages the Free To Grow brand, develops and manages the Marketing Strategy, above and below the line campaigns, including electronic channels and social media. She writes, designs and produces Free To Grow’s internal and client newsletters.


Kim also manages Free To Grow’s Sales and Consulting function, fulfills a consulting role and coaches and provides support to Free To Grow’s team of local and international consultants. She was jointly responsible for developing the online consulting resource, The FTG Consulting Toolkit and POD (Product Offering for Dummies). Kim manages Maxmizer, FTG’s CRM system, the associated sales and opportunity reporting and has developed real time metrics and dashboards.


With a passion for the e-side of the business and finding new and improved ways of doing,  Kim has been responsible for the design, development and maintenance of the Free To Grow website, implementing SharePoint and developing Pulse! Free To Grow’s electronic evaluation process and reporting dashboards.