“A tiny seed can grow into a big tree.”
African proverb

Our Journey


Free To Grow opened its doors in 1994 at a time of renewed hope and new beginnings across South Africa. Founded by Alinda Nortje, former social and community worker, the vision was to bring healing, hope and capacity building to large numbers of people in communities and organisations.


We have evolved as a leader in creating a culture of high engagement and collaboration and continue to broaden our reach and deepen our impact.


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Our People


Ultimately, an organisation’s success is about more than high-quality products, it is also shaped by all its members. This belief is mirrored in the work culture of Free To Grow, which prioritises employee growth and alignment to the company’s values as a core competency of the organisation.


Central Office: Based in Somerset West, this is the hub of our design, development, marketing, financial and administrative processes.


Facilitators: Our diverse team of passionate and skilled facilitators are all licensed by Free To Grow. We do not outsource the presentation of our programmes and strive to use the facilitator most suited to our clients’ profile and needs.


Consultants: Our team of consultants, many of whom have senior management experience, are skilled at shaping solutions appropriate to our clients’ needs and have the skills and experience to add value to the project implementation.





Our Values


Our values are at the heart of who we are, what we do and how we do it.

Our Footprint


South Africa: We have Free To Grow accredited facilitators in: Gauteng, Kwazulu Natal, Free State, Western & Eastern Cape.

International: Representatives in Botswana, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Namibia, Nigeria, Tanzania and Zambia.


International: Angola, Argentina, Botswana, Burundi, Egypt, Ethiopia, Ghana, Guernsey, Iran, Jordan, Kenya, Liberia, Madagascar, Malawi, Mauritius, Mozambique, Namibia, Nigeria,  Rwanda, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Free To Grow footprint


Our Clients


Examples of organisations who have implemented our programmes on either a large scale or over an extended period of up to 22 years are:


Our Impact


Ensuring impact on people, culture and bottom line creates a positive return on Investment (ROI) for our clients. Here is some evidence of our contribution to our clients:


Our Partners


Free To Grow hand-picks our partners to ensure that we only work with the best and most capable collaborators. This provides our clients with the assurance that our collaborations & partnerships meet their needs.


Our competence lies in understanding our client’s businesses and needs so that we can bring together the right partners in our network to provide our clients with the right solution.


As part of the 2Collaborate Consortium, we are proud to be associated with:


Our Resources


We have developed useful resources that contribute to our processes and add value for our clients:

How we give back


The Free To Grow Foundation is a non-profit entity established with the objective of attracting donor funding and corporate sponsorships to develop people and grow communities.


Our purpose is to strengthen psychological capital (Psycap), consisting of hope, optimism, resilience and self-efficacy and develop skills aimed at improving quality of life. We empower people from the inside to take action and to change their circumstances.

  • Positively impact communities from which our donor organisations attract their workforce. We help create a more stable and constructive environment for our donor organisations to operate and draw potential employees from.
  • Offer growth opportunities for employees outside working hours. We accelerate the development of your employees without you having to carry the loss of man-hours when programmes are presented during work time.
  • We offer sustainable initiatives through partnering with our donor organisations to create community-based “Growth hubs”, which form the basis for skills development. Over time, hubs develop the skills to deliver products and services to organisations in their geographical areas, thus supporting supplier development strategies.
  • We embrace a philosophy of “through the community, by the community”. We encourage empowered sustainability of our programmes, by equipping people to facilitate our programmes and manage the hubs in their communities. “We teach people to fish”.
  • We optimise the spend of CSI, skills development and enterprise development funds in the true spirit of black economic and social empowerment.
  • We have the resources to deliver training, support and manage the hubs nationally, thus making the programme scalable.


Together we can inspire dreams, empower people and grow communities. Join us in planting the seeds for a better future.


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