Anchor Insurance doubles their business growth

When a review of the business showed a growing sense of disengagement, with 10% of employees carrying 80% of the workload, and a decline in performance, Nigerian-based company, Anchor Insurance, knew they had to turn things around. Having built up a reputation as the preferred provider of insurance services in the country, Anchor was intent on creating an environment where employees come to work, not because they have to, but because they want to.

In order to do this, Anchor’s CEO realised that they would need a partner in the employee engagement and culture change space, one that could help unlock the potential of their people and in turn grow business performance. “I had sent a sizeable number of staff to some off-the-shelf courses but the expected results weren’t forthcoming. Until we were introduced to a highly experienced South African facilitator from Free To Grow who took a deep study and diagnosis of our challenges before presenting a 3-day intensive, but exciting workshop on selfless leadership and visioning”, says Mayowa Adeduro, former CEO and Managing Director.

While Anchor’s leaders attended Engaging Leadership to develop the skills required to create the conditions for engagement, staff attended Free To Care, a customer service programme providing their employees with the practical knowledge and skills to enhance the quality of every customer interaction. “At the end of the training, I knew something had happened because before then I had never seen my staff so revved up, charged as if soldiers ready for war. The business results in 2015 showed a growth rate of 45% with positive indices across the financials,” says Adeduro.
Regrettably, Nigeria experienced a recession in 2016 and Anchor saw the impact of this on their staff morale and bottom line growth. “Given our experience in 2014, we knew, as management, that we needed the services of Free To Grow once again,” says Adeduro.

Engaging Leadership was again selected as the vehicle through which to reignite the passion of the leadership team and strengthen the skills needed to demonstrate the 4C’s critical for engagement: credibility, connection, contribution, and communication. “The result of the training was instantaneous. It was magical and by January 2018, the organisation had shown a growth rate of over 100% since January 2017.”

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Anchor’s Leadership Team form a human scale to illustrate how much they know about employee engagement.