Taking your COVID-19 communications to the next level

COVID-19 Shopfloor Toolkit

While there’s excitement around South Africa moving from Lockdown Level 5 to 4, organisations are trying to come to grips with the details of the implications. One thing is clear, businesses resuming operations will have to do so under very specific conditions.

In addition to detailed workplace plans to ensure the safety of their employees, organisations will need to provide frequent and effective communication about coronavirus protection measures. Sharing relatable and practical information is particularly important for shop floor workers who are extremely vulnerable to infection.

To meet this urgent need, Free To Grow has developed cost-effective tools to help organisations effectively inform and inspire their shop floor employees to take the required measures to protect themselves and others.


  • Developed by specialists who have a rich and vast track record in transformational learning
  • Powerful storytelling by facilitators with extensive experience of working with employees on these job levels
  • Provides not only the WHAT? but also the WHY? and the HOW?
  • Language that shop floor employees can understand and relate to
  • Content focused on emotional as well as physical health

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[vc_column width=’1/3′]Covid-19 educational video sample


A series of 3-5-minute videos to be played on digital screens around the workplace or shared with employees via their mobile devices.

Click here for a sample


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[vc_column width=’1/3′]Covid-19 employee safety pamphlet


Practical, comprehensive and contextually relevant informatino complementing the videos. Available in digital and pritable formats, these personal toolkits are simple and visually appealing, answering common questions employees have.

Click here for a sample


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Coronavirus safety posters


High-impact, visually appealing posters reflecting pertinent messages as a visual reminder of the key learnings.

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“What a privilege to work with Free To Grow during this time. We are an essential business, working full steam to realise our company vision of ‘Bringing More Food To More People More Often’. The COVID-19 educational material in the public domain is just not practical and relevant enough to have meaning for our employees. This is why we are extremely excited about Free To Grow’s tools – the communication style is fresh, impactful and our people can relate to the message. We love the material and the fact that learning happens bit by bit. The toolkit is a wonderful gift to us as L&D: It really has done all the work for us!” – Ansa Du Toit, Learning & Development Manager, RCL Foods.


Contact your Free To Grow Consultant or Kim van Schoor on 021 852 4445, 084 442 5619 or kim@ftgsa.co.za to explore our Covid-19 We Care We Can Solutions can complement what you are doing to support your staff.