COVID-19: Equipping leaders to effectively adapt to the new rhythm of remote work

When the music changes so must the dance. 

COVID-19 LeadConnect

As organisations grapple with the impacts of COVID-19, much thought is being given to working remotely. What tools and technology do we need? How equipped and supported do our people feel? How will we stay connected, engaged and productive as a team? How do we top up our leadership skills to enhance the engagement and contributions of our teams?

While tips and tools are abundant for employees working remotely for the first time, this is not so for leaders. At Free To Grow we are passionate about Engagement, Culture and Leadership. As such, we have developed innovative, tech-enabled and cost-effective tools to help leaders respond to the current crisis, navigate the immediate future and effectively lead new ways of working post-COVID-19.

These tools, listed below, are available as a package or in various combinations:



To help leaders understand how their employees are dealing with the current situation and to enhance team engagement moving forward, a series of pulse surveys have been designed collaboratively by a team of I/O Psychologists and organisations. Developed in good faith, these surveys are being made available free of charge to organisations of any size.

Sample Analytics

Covid-19 Organisational Wellness Survey, Free To Grow, Mindset Management

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Available as a journey or in selected combinations, our Webinar series offers leaders practical tools to continuously improve team effectiveness and productivity of their remote working teams.

LEADCONNECT Webinar Series, Free To Grow

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All webinars are supported by complementary toolkits to assist leaders to connect, engage and inspire their teams. Each toolkit contains:

[vc_column width=’1/2′]Pulse Survey Mindset Manage, Free To Grow


Based on the key themes of the Webinar topic, these cards guide leaders through meaningful discussions with their teams.


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[vc_column width=’1/2′]Snapvote templates, online collaboration tool


Snapvote is an online collaboration tool that enables live audience participation. Each leader will receive a free 3-month subscription with access to ready-to-use templates to engage their teams.




In the midst of the current crisis, many leaders are feeling anxious, isolated and uncertain about the future. Now, more than ever, leaders need resilience if they are to effectively lead their teams in the new ways of work that are emerging. While leaders may be facing similar challenges and changes, their responses, and therefore their coping requirements are very different. Because coaching has an individual approach, it is tailored to meet the needs of the individual and allows them to deal with the specific issues they are facing.

Being able to reach anyone, anywhere and at any given time, it is not surprising that individual coaching is one of the fastest-growing areas of leadership development. Not only is it accessible and highly personalised, it also gives leaders the opportunity to:

  • Talk openly and soundboard ideas with someone they trust
  • Be constructively challenged to come up with sustainable solutions
  • Set clear leadership objectives and be held accountable


Our team of highly-qualified and experienced Coaches are offering individual coaching sessions to support leaders with any need that may arise during this time.

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Free To Grow team of Coaches

Contact your Free To Grow Consultant or Kim van Schoor on 021 852 4445, 084 442 5619 or to run the survey or explore our Covid-19 We Care We Can Solutions can complement what you are doing to support your leaders.