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Equipping frontline workers to combat COVID-19


Frontline workers are extremely vulnerable to infection. Information, posters and videos abound – but they not been designed for this target group.


To meet this urgent need, Free To Grow has developed a cost-effective frontline toolkit that aids comprehension and encourages the application of COVID-19 information and guidelines. It acknowledges the complexity of behaviour change and does not follow a quick-fix approach. Toolkit 1 addresses the 6 C’s critical to protecting self and others. Toolkit 2 will focus on a 7th C: Care for your body & mind, with the objective of retaining emotional and physical health over an extended period of time, keeping hope and optimism alive.


RCL Foods


What a privilege to work with Free To Grow during this time. We are an essential business, working full steam to realise our vision of  “Bringing More Food To More People More Often”. COVID-19 educational material in the public domain is just not practical and relevant enough to have meaning for our employees. This is why we are extremely excited about Free To Grow’s tools – the communication style is fresh and impactful and our people can relate to the message. We love your material and the fact that learning happens bit by bit. The toolkit is a wonderful gift to L&D: It really has done all the work for us! – Ansa Du Toit, Learning & Development Manager, RCL Foods


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Information is presented in 15 bite-size chunks that grow awareness and understanding over time.

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“The feedback is great! The toolkit is very well structured and the different parts are woven into a lovely whole. When you watch the last video, you can still see the first one in your mind. People are really taking the messages to heart and talking about it among themselves. The communication is to the point, easy to understand and the messages make you think. The toolkit is also graphically striking and the images form mental pictures that are imprinted in your mind. The fact that it is available in Zulu also makes a huge difference. It works VERY well and is a wonderful tool.” – Christo Marais, SHER Specialist, Illovo SA

 Watch this clip featuring extracts from the videos:



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Free To Grow’s COVID-19 videos are excellent! We’ve found them very relevant to the South African context and shop floor environment. Because of this, our employees have taken note and are reinforcing the key messages amongst themselves. With so much information available, we have found these short, simple and practical videos highly effective in keeping our employees informed and motivated to take the necessary precautions to protect themselves and those around them.”Frans Germishuizen, HR Executive, Premier FMCG


Free To Grow

Sample of the Personal Toolkits
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Click here to see a sample of the Personal Toolkit booklet


Sample of the Posters

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Equipping Supervisors to turn information into conversations


Supervisors and Team leaders play a crucial role in ensuring the safety of their teams. Free To Grow has developed a toolkit to equip supervisors with the skills to facilitate important and meaningful conversations with their teams around the topics addressed in the videos.

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Click here for a sample of the Leader’s Map


Next steps


Contact your regular Free To Grow Consultant or Kim van Schoor on 084 442 5619 and for a quote or to hear more about this offering and why it’s so different from anything else available.



All reasonable precautions have been taken by Free To Grow to verify the information it publishes regarding the Coronavirus.  The information about the Coronavirus is continually changing, and we still have much to understand about it. The published information Free To Grow provides is without warranty of any kind, either express or implied. In no event shall Free To Grow be liable for damages arising from the information it publishes.