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As news about Coronavirus dominates the headlines and public concern is on the rise, people increasingly experience waves of anxiety, panic and fear. Psychologists refer to these feelings of loss, trauma and persistent uncertainty as an ’emotional tsunami’ and warn of the impact that prolonged stress caused by the pandemic can have on emotional wellbeing, interpersonal relationships, physical health and work performance.


The objective


Staying Strong is an ideal tool to equip your employees to cope emotionally with the stress. Its focus is on strengthening resilience, optimism and ownership – a mindset that will positively impact employees’ work and lives far beyond COVID-19. Staying Strong complements the COVID-19 Frontline Toolkit that offers a parallel conversation on physical wellness.


The target group


The programme can be presented at different job levels, matching accredited facilitators from our team to the needs of each group.


Three implementation options:


Staying Strong workshops, Free To Grow, resilience training, COVID-19Face to face facilitation: A one-day immersive workshop where employees get the opportunity to do a deep dive into the various topics or a condensed half-day session focusing on the key content of the programme.



Virtual facilitation, Staying Strong, Free To GrowVirtual facilitation: We can package Staying Strong in a way to meet your specific needs e.g. three x 90-minute sessions, two x 4-hour sessions, or four x 2-hour interactive, virtual sessions.



A cost-effective DIY toolkit to use in-house for entry-level employees

Twelve 6-minute videos for use in team meetings. You can either show them as is or we can equip your leaders with the skills and tools to the videos to facilitate team conversations on the topics.


The Content


Information is presented in bite-size chunks that grow awareness and understanding over time.

Staying Strong Contents


Click here to watch a short video in which Mbuso Mlagisi shares a brief snippet of this powerful programme

Free To Grow

What sets this toolkit apart


Staying Strong is designed by Free To Grow, experts in learning and communication with 27 years’ experience in this field.


The learning/delivery methodology is fresh and engaging – ensuring that messages ‘land’ and stick.

The content is relevant and practical focusing on application rather than on theory.

CLICK HERE to read about how Woolworths experienced the programme.


 Next steps


Contact your regular Free To Grow Consultant or  Kim van Schoor on 084 442 5619 and for a quote or to hear more about this offering and why it’s so different from anything else available.


Click here to download the Staying Strong Leaflet