Covid-19 Pulse Surveys

Covid-19 has turned our worlds’ upside down, drastically escalating our VUCA reality.


Questions abound: Do we know how our people are feeling? To what degree do they feel supported and equipped, personally and professionally? And how can we, as leaders support them and ensure that they can deliver on their goals?



To help leaders get answers to these questions and to enhance team engagement moving forward, a series of pulse surveys have been designed collaboratively by a team of I/O Psychologists and organisations. Developed in good faith, they are free of charge to organisations of any size. These short surveys take 5 minutes to complete and will provide you with:


  • Critical insights on how to help employees thrive in this time
  • Actionable findings to help you drive long term success in the new way of work
  • A powerful analytics dashboard with downloadable PDF Reports


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“The survey has added much value to us at this time. It enabled us to take the temperature of our people so that we can assist where it is needed. The survey asked exactly the right questions and were simple and fast to complete. The report was really useful and Alinda’s feedback to the Execs and then the Senior Management team was insightful. The whole experience was really a positive one. Thank you!” – Nomzamo Ngqulana-Kasana, Head of Human Resources, Glacier




The first survey gives you critical feedback on the basics, providing insights into how your people are feeling and settling into the remote ways of working.



The second survey focusses on addressing the challenges of sustaining healthy new-way-of-work patterns over a longer period of time.


Covid-19 Organisational Wellness Survey, Free To Grow, Mindset Management


Click HERE for a demo and HERE to get your survey up and running today.


Covid-19 Organisational Wellness Survey, Free To Grow, Mindset Management