COVID-19, We Care We Can: Innovative tools to care for and engage your people

COVID-19 is changing everything. 

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No longer business as usual, this is a defining moment for your organisation, your people and your relationship with them. How you respond to the crisis and how you support them, will have a significant impact on the emotional connection they have with the organisation and their level of engagement and performance in the future.

Two groups of employees require particular support: Shopfloor workers and those working remotely for the first time.

1. Shopfloor workers

Free To Grow has its roots in community work on farms with the purpose of positively influencing farmworkers’ mindsets and behaviour. For 26 years, we have been honing our craft of developing learning and communication programmes and tools that help make abstract concepts easy to grasp, remember and apply. Today, our work extends across job levels, large and small organisations, industries and 34 countries.

Using this experience and skill set, we are fast-tracking the development of novel We Care We Can tools that will help our clients to provide effective education, support and care to their employees who are vulnerable. Shopfloor workers, in particular, are extremely vulnerable to infection. While there is a lot of information available, it has not been designed for this target group’s needs.

Video of COVID-19 We Care We Can Communication Toolkit

2. Leaders of Remote workers

As organisations ramp-up measures to protect their people from the impact of COVID-19, a lot of thought is being given to remote working. While tips and tools are abundant for people working from home for the first time, this is not so for their leaders. We are passionate about Engagement, Culture and Leadership Development. As such we have developed innovative tools to equip leaders of remote workers with the knowledge, skills and tools to set up remote work and continuously improve remote team effectiveness and productivity.

Our team of highly qualified and experienced Executive and Leadership Coaches are also facilitating online coaching to support leaders with any need that may arise during this time.

Click here for more on our Coaching Team or to see what these cost-effective, tech-enabled tools can do for you:

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[vc_column width=’1/4′]Pulse Survey Mindset Manage, Free To Grow


  1. Do your employees have what they need to succeed in these new circumstances?
  2. Surfacing strategic barriers to long term success within our new context for work.


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[vc_column width=’1/4′]Free To Grow LeadConnect Webinars


  • 1 x Onboarding/Orientation Webinar
  • 4 x LeadConnect Webinars (see detail below)
  • 1 x Shaping the way forward Webinar


[vc_column width=’1/4′]Free To Grow LeadConnect Toolkit


  • Conversation cards for leaders to guide them through discussions with their teams
  • INCLUDES: A Free 3-month  subscription to SnapVote, an online collaboration tool with ready-to-use templates


[vc_column width=’1/4′]Individual Online coaching for leaders


Individual Coaching by highly qualified and/or experienced Coaches to support leaders with any need during this time


Contact your regular Free To Grow Consultant or our Marketing & Sales Director Kim van Schoor on 084 442 5619 and for a quote or to hear more about this offering and why it’s so different from anything else available.