Covid-19 Communication Toolkit to help organisations respond to the crisis in a caring and effective way.

COVID-19 is a defining moment for your organisation, your people and your relationship with them. How you respond to the crisis and how you support them, will have a significant impact on the emotional connection they have with the organisation and their level of engagement and performance in the future.


Two groups of employees require particular support: Shopfloor workers and those working remotely for the first time.


1. Shopfloor workers are the most vulnerable to infection


Free To Grow has its roots in community work in farming communities across South Africa, positively impacting farmworkers’ mindsets and behaviour. For 26 years, we have been finetuning the craft of developing learning and communication programmes and tools that help make abstract concepts easy to grasp, remember and apply.


Using this experience and skill set, we are fast-tracking the development of novel We Care We Can tools that will help our clients to provide effective education, support and care to their employees who are vulnerable. Shopfloor workers, in particular, are extremely vulnerable to infection. While there is a lot of information available, it has not been designed for this target group’s needs.

Watch this 3-minute video on We Care We Can and the value it will add



The 5Cs to protect yourself and others from COVID-19

We Care We Can Shopfloor Packs


Option to use either of the two or both:


1. Information Pack: to communicate the most important messages employees need to receive around what Covid-19 is, how it spreads and how to protect themselves and others. There is a pack for each of the 5 C’s, with each containing the following tools:


Video sharing key health and safety messages on Covid-19.

1 Video clip


  • Short, impactful messages/ demonstrations sharing the most critical information in a practical manner: Focus on the WHY, WHAT & HOW in a South African context
  • Presented by an FTG facilitator with outstanding communication skills who your staff can relate to
  • Available in English and Zulu and further translations can be done.

An employee handout with simple and easy to understand information on Covid-19.

1 Personal toolkit


  • Employees take home a handout with the most important information related to the topic to share with their families
  • Includes discussion points for the family and art activities for children to encourage the application of learning
  • Information is simple and easy to understand. Visuals make it accessible to staff whose first language is not English

Visually appealing and highly informative posters on the coronavirus.

1 Poster


  • A high impact, visually appealing poster reflecting the most pertinent messages of the selected C
  • Posted on noticeboards around the workplace as a visual reminder

2. Connection Pack: to continue to provide support, deepen knowledge and keep communication on the topic open. Each pack speaks to one of the C’s, using the following tools to reinforce learning and create conversations:


Conversations guides for leaders to create a safe space for meaningful 2 ways communication around COVID-19.

1 Conversation guide


  • 5-10 mins sessions
  • Used by Supervisors and HR to facilitate individual, small group or team conversations
  • Address one topic at a time, offering learning in bite-size chunks
  • Creates an open space for meaningful conversation around Covid-19

Visuals that reinforce key messages around the coronavirus.

2-4 Flashcards


  • High impact images that create interest and entice participants to actively engage in the conversation
  • Visuals that reinforce key messages that are depicted in the posters
  • Conveyed on noticeboards as visual reminders of what has been learned

Detailed information and up-to-date information on Covid-19

1 Fact sheet


  • Deeper, more detailed information on the topic to allow the leader to answer questions credibly
  • Contains a list of relevant myths and FAQ’s

2. Tools for Leaders


Cost-effective, tech-enabled solutions to rapidly equip leaders with the toolbox they need to:


  1. Navigate the immediate new future
  2. Lead effectively in post-Covid-19 new ways of working


Pulse Survey Mindset Manage, Free To Grow


  1. Do your employees have what they need to succeed in these new circumstances?
  2. Surfacing strategic barriers to long term success within our new context for work.

Free To Grow LeadConnect Webinars



  • A series of 4 webinars to set up remote work
  • A second series to help sustain and continuously improve remote team effectiveness and productivity
  • An added benefit of Peer learning
  • See Online CC Topics below for more detail



Free To Grow LeadConnect Toolkit



  • Conversation cards for leaders to guide them through discussions with their teams
  • INCLUDES: A Free 3-month SnapVote subscription with relevant templates

Individual Online coaching for leaders


Individual Coaching to support leaders with any need during this time

LeadConnect Webinars & Pulse Surveys

Free To Grow LeadConnect Webinars

Next steps


Contact Alinda Nortje on 082 852 6323 and or Kim van Schoor on 084 442 5619 and for a quote or to hear more about this offering and why it’s so different from anything else available.


All reasonable precautions have been taken by Free To Grow to verify the information it publishes regarding the Coronavirus.  The information about the Coronavirus is continually changing, and we still have much to understand about it. The published information Free To Grow provides is without warranty of any kind, either express or implied. In no event shall Free To Grow be liable for damages arising from the information it publishes.