New Growth


Unprecedented change and disruption have become the new normal. In the face of COVID-19, leaders have had to act quickly to stabilise their organisations and ensure future viability often resulting in restructuring and job loss.


When a tree is chopped down, one assumes its growth is terminated. However, with time, sufficient light, water and air, fresh shoots begin to appear and new growth emerges from what was. In the same way, people who face retrenchment, job loss or organisational restructuring may feel as if their life as they know it, no longer exists. But given the right attitude, tools and support, new growth is possible.


Expected outcomes

New Growth goes beyond the transfer of knowledge and skills regarding career re-structuring and a new start in life, to address underlying perceptions and attitudes that impact on the reality of a change situation.


Feedback from participants:

  • “Great, practical content that really makes a difference.”


  • “Excellent content, well presented and leaving us with great tools to use after this horrible retrenchment process. Thank you!”


  • “I thoroughly enjoyed this because I needed some guidance. New Growth helped me to tap into my potential & reminded me that I have enough to offer.”



The course content can be customised to suit the change-related challenges of your specific environment.


Target group

People facing retrenchment, job loss or organisational restructuring  (Extended version only).


Duration & Delivery

Two days. New Growth can be extended to include a module on dealing with financial matters related to retrenchment.

Can be delivered face-to-face or virtually.


Group Size

A maximum of 16 learners per workshop to ensure individual attention.


Free To Grow


 Next steps


Contact your regular Free To Grow Consultant or  Kim van Schoor Executive: Marketing & Sales on 084 442 5619 and for a quote or to hear more about this offering. Click here to download the New Growth leaflet