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Culture & Engagement

Culture & Engagement are two of the key challenges facing organisations today. We support organisations to win in the marketplace and win in the workplace through programmes and processes that align the hearts and minds of employees to the goals and strategies of the organisation.

Through WorkQ®, one of our flagship programmes, we help employees see and understand the big Picture, buy into the Plan to help the organisation thrive and take ownership of playing their Part – something that is of particular importance during times of disruption and change.

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Our approach to engagement

Through engagement research, we’ve identified the key drivers that most impact employee engagement. This provides a useful framework for organisations to ensure that their engagement efforts are structured and comprehensive enough to drive the needle of engagement in a positive direction.

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Our engagement programmes strengthen the drivers related to leadership, the psychological environment and employee mindset.

These programmes are complemented by a range of learning programmes developing various aspects of individual and team competence.

Our Culture & Engagement Programmes

The five critical stakeholders in creating a culture of engagement are senior leaders, managers, supervisors & team leaders, individual employees and HR.

Our range of employee engagement programmes equip each stakeholder for its specific role while creating a common language regarding engagement in the organisation.

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SHAPE (1 day)

Executives & Senior Managers

Senior leadership needs to set the tone and shape a high engagement culture. This programme involves them from the get-go and helps them to:

  • Buy into the concept of employee engagement
  • Get clarity on what drives engagement and what their role is in the process
  • Understand and help shape the different facets of the engagement journey
  • Determine how success will be measured
  • Shape a compelling story that will align the organisation behind a common purpose and vision.
Engagng Leadership

Engaging Leadership (3 days)

Senior Managers

Managers are the ultimate owners of creating a culture of engagement. Aligned to FTG’s Employee Engagement Drivers Model®, Engaging Leadership equips managers for this role by developing the 4C’s proven critical to growing a high engagement culture:

Credibility: Modelling the way and lead by example

Connection: Connecting to employees in a one-on-one and team relationship, deepening the connection they have with the organisation through 4P conversations and shortening the line of sight between the work they do and what the organisation needs

Contribution: Bringing out the best in the people and recognising them in ways that are important to them

Communication: Creating dialogue and encouraging employee voice about what matters to them and to the organisation


WorkQ® (2 or 3 days)

Staff & first-line leaders

WorkQ® goes beyond IQ and EQ to develop the mindset, knowledge and skills that enable non-management employees to understand the needs of the organisation, make them aware of what is expected from them to sustain and grow the organisation and be more willing, eager and able to contribute their best and effectively support each other in the process.

WorkQ® comprises three or four journeys that can be customised to fit your needs:

  • Personal Journey: Builds self-esteem and increases ownership
  • Work Journey: Instils a positive view of work and a commitment to fully utilise the opportunity that work offers them
  • Organisation’s Journey: Develops an understanding of the ‘bigger picture’ of their work: The Purpose, the Plan and the Part they need to play. Strengthens alignment with the organisation’s values
  • Team Journey: An optional module that grows respect, trust and understanding, the skills required to work in harmony and collaborate with others
  • Service Journey: An optional module that equips employees with the motivation, knowledge and skills to deliver an outstanding customer experience.

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LeadQ® (2 days & coaching circles)

First-line leaders

First-line leaders are the key drivers of day to day engagement.  The irony is that few first-line leaders are equipped for this role. In most instances, they have been promoted on technical or functional competence.  Free To Grow provides first-line leaders with a comprehensive development journey to address this gap and unleash their potential.  After they have attended WorkQ® with their staff, they continue the development journey with LeadQ® .

This programme helps them understand Employee Engagement and the impact of their attitude and behaviour on their team’s morale and performance. It equips them with the skills and tools to create a positive work environment and enable their teams to do their best work. It follows the same themes as Engaging Leadership, aimed at managers so that a common language regarding Employee Engagement is created across leadership levels in the organisation.

LeadQ®  is complemented by punchy monthly or bi-monthly, half-day LeadQ® Coaching Circles that continue to develop engaging skills in digestible chunks.

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Additional offerings in a Change context:

Change holds potential for innovation and improvement. It also holds uncertainty and an element of risk. It’s therefore not surprising that most change initiatives fail and that many organisations and employees have become change averse, as they have seen too many initiatives fail. Our change programmes are designed to facilitate the ‘inner shifts’ needed to successfully lead the change and bring employees ‘on board’.

Leading Change

Leading Change (2 days)

Senior Managers, Managers & First-line leaders

Provides leaders with the skills and tools required to lead organisational change effectively:

  • Ensures leaders themselves are aligned with the vision and speak with one voice as far as the change and what it requires from people is concerned.
  • Communicate the new vision to employees so they understand it, can see where they contribute and aware of the role that they need to play to ensure that the change is successful.
  • Motivate, Inspire and influence employees with their own example, and energise them to exert themselves to make the change happen.
  • Engage staff in meaningful dialogue about the change, encourage them to raise concerns regarding the change and together search for solutions that will address the challenges.
  • Sustain change in the long term, embedding it to ensure that it ‘sticks’.
Fit 4 Change

Fit 4 Change (4 hours)

All employees

A hands-on programme providing employees with practical skills and tools to help them cope and deal with changes facing their organisation:

  • Strengthens employees’ emotional resilience to be able to readily adapt to and embrace change
  • Enhances their understanding of the fact that change is inevitable, that they can better cope with and deal with change amidst uncertainty
  • Helps them better understand their role, and how they need to contribute personally to make the changes facing their organisation successful.

Additional offerings in a Customer Service Context

Delivering exceptional service is much more than serving customers – it is a mindset, a conscious commitment.

This mindset and commitment are directly related to employee engagement. The reason? Engagement – the emotional commitment one has to your organisation and its goals – drives higher levels of discretionary effort.

WorkQ Customer Service


Customer Service (3 days)


Helps employees discover their strengths and how they can use these to help the organisation deliver exceptional service and enhances:

  • Purpose: Helps employees understand the organisation’s vision and the role of customer service in achieving this.
  • Picture: Opens a new window and grows their understanding of the bigger organisational picture.
  • Part: Helps them understand the part they need to play in achieving this.
  • Pride: Increased pride in their role and the organisation
  • Passion: Grows passion for their work, their customers and delivers service excellence.

Our Process


Developing a solid understanding of your organisation, its culture, its people and its story. We then shape and map a solution to align with your context and objectives. Tools include: Engagement Survey; executive onboarding, focus groups, explore conversations and programme timelines and maps.


Working with you to create buy-in throughout the organisation and across levels. Tools include: Shape for the Execs, Roadshows, equipping Change Champions, Teasers, Key Influencer sessions and celebrating quick wins


Strengthening the confidence & connection of employees and their first line leaders with the organisation. Building basic business acumen gearing them for optimal contribution.  Tools include  WorkQ® and in a change management context Fit 4 Change brings employees ‘on board’.


Equipping HR and all levels of leaders with skills and tools to walk the engagement talk, lead by example and bringing meaning to work & creating a culture of collaboration. We also equip leaders to facilitate meaningful, structured team dialogue to strengthen the culture (values) & improve team performance. Programmes include SHAPE, Engaging Leadership and LeadQ® . In a change management context, our Leading Change and Change@Work (Change Champions) programmes equip formal and informal leaders to drive and lead the change.

Evaluate & Entrench

Measuring ROI throughout the process by dipstick measurements, analysing business metrics & progress reviews, embedding and supporting the learning through support guides, coaching circles, individual coaching, capacity building programmes, coaching circles and learning bytes

Culture & Engagement Survey

The saying, ‘What gets measured, gets done, also applies to Employee Engagement. When performed effectively, Employee Engagement Surveys perform a vital ‘health check’ in the organisation and hold numerous benefits to the business.

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Our Culture & Engagement Survey is a comprehensive tool based on local and international research and best practice, combined with our insight and experience, gained across 35 countries and 1 400 organisations, over 28 years. This experience in organisational culture and engagement guides our entire approach, from the selection of questions to the format of our briefing and feedback sessions, and our analysis and reporting of the data.

Since 2019 we have utilised the cutting-edge survey capability of Mindset Management, a trusted engagement survey consultancy, to offer our clients world-class technology in this area. Together with Mindset Management, we deliver a powerful, scientifically validated engagement solution that transforms employee feedback into critical business insights.

The quality and user-friendliness of the report is exceptional. You will receive access to advanced, drill-down analytics dashboards that will allow you to filter, compare and analyse employee feedback and survey results across time, sites, regions, and demographics.

Providing critical insights into the levels, indicators, and drivers of engagement in your organisation, our survey’s key differentiators include:

  1. Survey licence – To run one baseline survey with 12-months of access to the analytics dashboard. A premium plan is also available offering unlimited pulse surveys.
  2. Scientifically researched and statistically validated survey model – The constructs utilised within the survey are based upon scientific research and industry norms and trends.
  3. Survey customisation – Provides the option to make changes and additions to the survey as required. This includes selecting the demographics that fit your context.
  4. Personal Engagement Reports – To motivate participation and provide employees with useful feedback regarding their engagement, you can elect to make personal reports available to those who complete the online survey. This 2-page report generates automatically and can only be viewed by the person who completed the survey.
  5. The tool is action-oriented – It does not only provide information on the WHAT of engagement but, because it is linked to the Free To Grow’s Drivers of Engagement Model, it also guides leaders to easily transition to the critical NOW WHAT (targeted improvement).
  6. Designed by specialists in culture and employee engagement – As part of the NOW WHAT, you have the option of utilising tried and tested, high impact programmes from our Culture & Engagement Suite to:
  • Equip leaders with the skills and tools to significantly improve the weak drivers, identified in the survey, in a short space of time
  • Enhance engagement levels of non-managerial staff through our WorkQ® Programme that can be customised to align with the challenges identified in the survey.

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What our clients like about it:

“We found this instrument very valuable. It was a useful starting point of our engagement journey, clearly pointing out where we had to focus our attention.”

Reinhardt Van Rooyen, Vesuvius Business Unit Director AR, South Africa

Free To Grow clients, Vector Logistics, WorkQ

The survey gave employees on shop-floor a voice. It helped us to uncover engagement levels and provided us with valuable insights.

Using the feedback, we were able to capitalize on opportunities for improvement, identify where our strengths lay, as well as areas of weakness that required intervention. It helped us turn the data into actionable items that the shop-floor employees could recognize as a response to their feedback.”

Annelie Govender, HR Executive, Vector Logistics, RCL Foods