Employee Wellbeing and Engagement: Inextricably intertwined

Employee wellbeing and engagement - inextricably intertwined, Free To Grow, Staying Strong, Resilience


Employee wellbeing and employee engagement are both critical to individual and organisational performance. These two are closely interlinked like two trees intertwined. When one is damaged, the other also suffers.

The impact that prolonged anxiety, fatigue and uncertainty caused by COVID-19, described by psychologists as an emotional tsunami, has on employee wellbeing is huge. It is inevitable that this impact ripples through to individual work performance, motivation and engagement – and this at a time when organisations are under huge pressure to recover from 2020 and need to tap into the talent and contribution of all their people.

How we can support you to strengthen wellbeing and engagement

Staying Strong is a multi-faceted toolkit developed to build employees’ emotional fitness – resilience, optimism, ownership and flexibility – allowing them to persevere during these tough times. When employees acquire the mindset and skills to breakthrough instead of break down, they can direct their focus and energy towards meeting the needs of their organisation and the demands of their work.

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The impact?

Japie Greyling, Mediclinic Newcastle


WorkQ is a powerful programme that helps employees see and understand the big Picture, buy into the Plan to help the organisation thrive and take ownership of playing their Part – something that is of particular importance during times of disruption and change.

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The impact?

Impact of WorkQ at CCBSA Devland, Free To Grow


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