A step-by-step journey that translates potential into performance by building the mindsets and skillsets of women in first-line leader roles and those identified as future leaders.  An important and unique part of the EmpowHER! journey is the active involvement and development of their direct leaders through a different, parallel growth journey.


  • Understanding your self-awareness and self-esteem and their importance in their growth and development
  • Taking ownership of life, work and career
  • Staying positive and motivated through the tough times
  • Identifying career goals and action plans to achieve them
  • Learning to overcome obstacles
  • Gaining clarity on personal purpose and values
  • Shaping a personal brand
  • Spotlighting your strengths
  • Understanding the difference between assertive, aggressive and submissive behaviour
  • Mastering the skills and tools of assertiveness.

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Adding value with our Women’s Career Enabler Survey

Many women still face barriers on their first climb up the leadership ladder. A crucial first step in addressing this challenge and accelerating women’s development is to uncover the barriers and enablers to women’s advancement.

Underpinning EmpowHER is our Women’s Career Enabler Survey. Based on extensive research on the topic, this tool provides organisations with a comprehensive and accurate reflection of the career aspirations and challenges of women at the leading self and leading others levels. It further identifies the personal, interpersonal and organisational factors as well as cultural, family and household factors that hinder and enable their progress.

The ease of use and quality of the reports are exceptional and the advanced, drill-down analytics dashboards allow for filtering, comparison and analysis of results across business units and demographics.

EmpowHer Women's Career Enabler Survey

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