Engaging Leadership lights a ‘spark’ within Western Cape Government Health (WCGH) leaders

“We are delighted to have such a profound enabler of leadership development as Free To Grow on board,” says André Luck, Deputy Director (Clinical Skills), WCGH Directorate: People Development. This is exemplified by our managers’ review – one of an overwhelmingly positive experience and impact. The strength of this programme lies in the training methodology, with emphasis on learning and practise, engaging and reflection, coaching and mentoring.”

 Facilities across the Western Cape mirror this remarkable story as Health Care Managers continue to attend Free To Grow’s customised five-day Engaging Leadership short-course aimed at developing their leadership competencies to create a culture of engagement and collaboration. This transformational partnership forms part of a three-year contract awarded to Free To Grow for the provision of leadership development training for WCGH across the province.

“I have been astounded by delegates’ eagerness and ‘hunger’ to develop themselves and become more effective and engaged leaders”, says Free To Grow facilitator Elzaan Botha. “Even after 20 to 25 years of experience in the field, leaders remain excited for the opportunity to drive change and engage their teams more effectively.”

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Engaging Leadership, Free To Grow, Leadership Development, WCGH. Western Cape Government Health

Managers unpack the 4C’s – Credibility, Connection, Contribution and Communication – critical to shaping a culture of high engagement and collaboration within WCGH


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Free To Grow, Engaging Leadership, Jonathan Mills, WCGH

Another full house of delegates from Group 2 gathered with Free To Grow facilitator, Jonathan Mills, to celebrate their achievements




This enthusiasm is evident in the dedication of Health Care Managers to nominate themselves and their teams for this intensive programme. Despite being largely voluntary, an almost 100% completion rate has been achieved. Managers have seized the opportunity to grow their leadership skills in support of WCGH’s 2030 Healthcare vision. In fact, the programme’s impact has been so remarkable that leaders and facilities outside the initial scope of the contract have signed up to attend.

Over the past 14 months, since the inception of the contract, 17 groups comprising some 310 Managers have attended Engaging Leadership. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, with numerous delegates attesting to the practical application of key learnings in the workplace. For example, one participant shared how, “It addressed the exact problems that we, as managers, struggle with – managing and empowering our staff”.

To enhance the practical implementation of the key principles, tools and skills embodied in the programme, Managers complete, present and submit action-learning projects which need to address a serious challenge or situation in the workplace. The quality, commitment and expertise demonstrated through these projects has been phenomenal – as attested to by Free To Grow Facilitator, Jonathan Mills:

“One is impressed with the overall quality, passion and professionalism of the delegates that the organisation sends for training. Attendees have demonstrated commitment, tireless effort and resilience in the face of the sometimes challenging. Their patient-centricity, focus and care have been impressive. I look forward to further interaction with these passionate people to assist them in achieving a state of “Better, Together.”



Engaging Leaderhsip, WCGH. Free To Grow, Western Cape Government Health


“Following Free To Grow’s Engaging Leadership intervention, I can now honestly say that there is camaraderie, cooperation and connection within the team,” says Braam Muller, Manager at Medical Services: WCGH Central Karoo District.

Testimonials like these make our day and we look forward to a long and fruitful relationship with WCGH. Visit our YouTube page to hear more on what District Manager, Braam Muller, has to say about working with the Free To Grow and the impact Engaging Leadership has had on the team.