Equipping leaders to hold the Courageous Conversations required to reach new ground

COVID-19 has shone a light on the state of our businesses, our relationships and ourselves in ways that we could not have expected.

Having faced an unprecedented level of disruption, many organisations are re-evaluating and honing their strategies. A clear and compelling view of their desired destination is needed, with the bridge between now and where they want to be built with bravery and compassion. It is a time requiring resilient leadership, strong teams and some courageous conversations. Leaders and teams must be equipped with the insight and feedback they need to achieve their best and cross the bridge towards success.

Courageous Conversations

Courageous Conversations can be the bridge that helps us reach the desired destination. These conversations can be challenging and daunting – because they deal with difficult news and emotionally charged topics, where viewpoints may differ. But when done well, their impact is significant. The skill to have courageous conversations is a life skill and essential to any professional career.

Free To Grow’s Courageous Conversations is an impactful programme that can help professionals – at all levels – to develop these skills.

Delivery methods include:

  • Face-to-face workshops for up to 15 participants, presented over two-days
  • Virtual facilitation for up to 10 participants, presented in 5 x 2-hour interactive sessions.


“Conversations open hearts and minds. They make us stop, feel, connect, think. They give us insight, information and inspire us forward.” – Maria Shriver

Contact your Free To Grow Consultant or Kim van Schoor on 021 852 4445, 084 442 5619 or kim@ftgsa.co.za to explore our Covid-19 We Care We Can Solutions can complement what you are doing to support your staff.