Free To Grow awarded a 3-year tender by Western Cape Government Health to develop their leaders

The Western Cape Government of Health’s (WCGH) Hospital Revitalisation Plan has resulted in significant changes in many of its health facilities. WCGH has consequently needed to develop the engagement readiness and change resilience of its staff, and the leadership capabilities of its managers – to lead their people through change toward high engagement.

Free To Grow (FTG) has successfully partnered with WCGH in this endeavour since 2013. Presenting programmes such as Engaging Leadership, Leading Change, Soar! and WorkQ – all customised specifically for the WCGH context and reality. During this time, we have worked with leadership and staff in over 13 facilities ranging from Community Day Centres such as Mfuleni and Du Noon, to large-scale Hospitals like Vredenburg Provincial and Valkenberg Psychiatric hospitals.

Tracey Douglas, Deputy Director WCGH: Infrastructure Programme Delivery, shares how “all the leadership programmes for executive management, supervisors and staff were excellently executed. We have tangible proof of success, and all the facilities that participated in FTG’s programmes are now among our higher performing facilities.”

“My expectations have been exceeded”, continues Tracey, “We look for value for money, and with Free To Grow, we have found this.”

Du Noon CHC’s Leadership Team after attending Leading Change, a workshop aimed at equipping leaders with the practical skills and knowledge needed to fulfil their role in implementing change.

Flowing from this success, FTG was invited to tender for and has subsequently been awarded, a 3-year contract for the provision of leadership development training in the broader WCGH. Wanting to embed good governance and deliver on its objective of value-driven leadership, WCGH is partnering with FTG to present a 5-day customised Engaging Leadership programme to some 600 Health Care managers across the province.

The 5-day short course will equip managers with the knowledge, tools and skills needed to embed values-driven leadership and create a culture of high engagement and collaboration within their departments and facilities. This investment by WCGH is part of its on-going drive to equip its leaders and managers with the competencies required to lead change and create the organisational culture required for staff to excel.

We are thrilled to continue partnering with WCGH, building on our existing relationship, and in this way helping to grow the leadership in our country.