Free To Grow launches in Malawi

Free To Grow launches in Malawi

by George Sibale of FG Consulting

FG Consulting of Malawi recently signed a License agreement to become Country Associates of Free To Grow International (SA). With the coming on board of FG Consulting, Free To Grow now has representatives in nine countries in Africa while increasing the footprint to 31 countries in the continent.

Subsequent to formalizing the agreement, FG Consulting and FTGI worked closely to develop a plan that would engage prospects in a special way and excite them to attend the launch event and thereafter become first adopters of the programmes. Alinda Nortje, founder and Executive Chairperson of FTGI was the keynote speaker at the event and during the three days that she was in Malawi, she worked tirelessly with Francis and George of FG Consulting on a series of meetings with corporate prospects. The presentations during the meetings radiated confidence and belief among many decision makers who became explicitly aeager to attend the launch event. As for George and Francis, this was prime time to observe and live the FTGI experience, thanks to Alinda’s expertly planned and executed content. The result was that most organisations visited turned into ‘low hanging fruit’ almost instantly.

George Sibale and Francis of FG Consulting, sit aside Alinda Nortje, founder and Executive Chairperson Free To Grow, whilst awaiting one of the pre-launch meetings.

The pinnacle of it all came on the eve of the launch at the Sunbird Tourism Mount Soche Hotel. As expected, most decision makers with whom the team had held meetings earlier attended the launch. Alinda engaged the delegates in a powerful session that left everyone mesmerized. The messaging was so captivating that no one could ‘doze off’ while at the same time so revealing that delegates thought she was mirroring the realities of their workplace problems. For the first time in their leadership and managerial careers, most delegates began looking at their workplace problems in a new way. The presentation left a lasting impression on the minds of most decision makers about the appropriateness of the FTGI engagement programmes in their organisations. One Chief Executive Officer had the following to say, “I have been reading so many books about leadership and management but none of them came close to this short session in terms of providing insights into how best to manage our workforce.”

The ensuing interaction underscored the level of interest among those who attended the event. Delegates were keen to know FTGI pricing for the programmes, whether there were programmes that people from different organisations could attend from time to time etc.

On the last and final day, just a few hours before Alinda could board her flight home; there was room for one more meeting. As was the case with the preceding meetings, a very rewarding discussion ensued and, the result was one more ‘low hanging fruit’.

What an amazing experience we had in Malawi! Having the Founder Herself grace the occasion was a major milestone in the history of FG Consulting and the world of employee engagement in Malawi. In conclusion, the market in Malawi is for us to lose. The foundation has been expertly laid. We will stop at nothing to follow up on the leads, engage decision makers and entrench FTGI programmes!