How we give back

We aim to be a vehicle of hope in marginalised communities, giving back by strengthening the psychological and social capital and developing skills to improve the quality of life in these communities.

We have also recently established the Free To Grow Foundation as a non-profit entity to partner with corporate organisations, providing them with a meaningful way to optimise their CSI spending. Please contact Alinda Nortje should you be interested in exploring how we could potentially contribute to your organisations vision in this regard.

Examples of various ways in which we have supported organisations over the years to positively impact communities are:

Life Choices

A small but impactful NPO, Life Choices works in the Cape Flats community, offering health, education and welfare programmes.

Following a tough pandemic year – it was evident that many learners were struggling emotionally. Rotary Club of Claremont President, Jo Hobson, recognised that the learners could benefit from additional resilience skills. Having experienced first-hand the impact of Free To Grow’s wellbeing programme, Staying Strong, Jo knew that it was the perfect add-on to the leadership journey that Life Choices’ learners were on.

For more on this initiative: The Rotary Club of Clarement teams up with Free To Grow to help Life Choices’ youth ‘stay strong’

Prince Albert Community Trust (PACT)

Collaboration, faith, hope and love – these are the building blocks that form the Prince Albert Community Trust’s (PACT) foundation of positive, transformational community engagement.

In honour of Nelson Mandela Day, the Staying Strong Toolkit was made available to the interns and volunteers of the organisation.

For more on this initiative: Staying Strong empowers PACT’s youth leaders

Thata Ithuba Foundation

The Youth of SA are close to our hearts and over the years Free To Grow has grasped every opportunity to make a meaningful difference by helping disadvanted youth to improve their futures. Late in 2021 we continue our journey with the Thatha Ithuba Foundation – by facilitating an Assertiveness workshop for their students at the Houw Hoek Hotel.

EverGrow Foundation

EverGrow Foundation, Free To Grow, CSI, Staying Strong

EverGrow is a non-profit organisation well-known for its social upliftment programmes in respective wine growing communities.  The work done by the EverGrow’s Aware Ambassadors is close to Free To Grow’s heart, as the organsations share a common focus on growth and development. This inspired us  to extend a supporting hand and offer the gift of its Staying Strong toolkit free of charge.

For more on this initiative: Staying Strong: Renewed hope for EverGrow

In support of Abalimi Bezekhaya, a development organisation committed to the advancement of impoverished groups in the greater Cape Town Area, the Free To Grow Foundation sponsored 22 community members, from Khayelitsha, to attend FTG Lifeskills.

“Thank you for donating your time and skills – I was truly encouraged by the insights from this programme that is integral to the future of a healthy people and communities,” says Dave Golding, Field Program Manager.


MathMoms, Free To Grow, CSI

Serving the communities of Elsies River, Ravensmead and surrounds, this amazing initiative creates a safe space where children come to learn maths and leave having learned much more. .

Our contribution, in collaboration with the Klara Project, is to equip the moms with much needed personal development by means of our 4-day FTG Lifeskills programme.  We presented the programme at 25% of our standard rates, with the Klara Project carrying this cost.

For more on this initiative:

MathMoms receive help from Sweden

Free To Grow help MathMoms become catalysts of change in their communities


MES, Free To Grow CSI,

MES is a Christian integrated social development organisation that has been changing the heart of the cities in South Africa since 1986 through addressing the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs of the homeless and unemployed. 

Free To Grow has been actively supporting their work since 1999. To date, 3 717 of MES’s beneficiaries have attended Money Sense while 4060 have benefited from Free To Grow Lifeskills, a programme that has formed an integral part of their approach since 1999.  

We saw a much-increased commitment towards the vocational skills development programmes, increased confidence in preparing for job interviews and greater commitment to addressing other personal challenges such as addictions,” comments a MES representative.

Hospice Palliative Care Association of South Africa

Hospice Palliative Care Association of South Africa

The staff of the Hospice Palliative Care Association (HPCA) pour themselves into offering those with terminal illnesses quality, meaningful lives in the time that they have left. Wanting to support Hospice in their worthy but challenging task, Free To Grow approached André Wagner, Organisational Development Manager HPCA with the offer of sponsoring Free To Grow’s Lifeskills and StressWise courses for Hospice staff throughout South Africa.

“Thank you, Free To Grow for helping us as carers to remain whole and for ‘filling up’ our tanks again. You will never realise the difference this makes to us in both our personal and professional lives,” enthused Andre Wagner, national Organisational Development Coordinator of HPCA.