Growing the Psychological Capital (PsyCap) and leadership skills of Community Leaders

Scatec is an integrated, independent power producer delivering affordable and sustainable energy worldwide. A frontrunner in renewable energy, Scatec develops, builds, owns and operates power plants across emerging markets.

Sustainability is integrated into Scatec’s operating model. Considering this, Scatec recognises the importance of developing rewarding long-term relationships with local communities in its areas of operation. To this end, Scatec is committed to taking action within host communities to drive local stakeholder engagement, increase local capacity and social cohesion, create local leaders and promote individual and community agency.  It is vital to the organisation that the funds made available for socio-economic development are utilised as impactfully as possible.

Their desire to deliver meaningfully led Scatec to partner with Free To Grow (FTG) to help them implement a personal development and mentorship programme for Community Leaders in the communities of Burgersdorp, Hanover, Phillipstown and Petrusville. Economic Development Manager, Bianca Jordan, shares the importance of this programme in aiding their goal of sustainable development and local value creation:

“A personal development and mentorship programme is particularly important at present to enable a vision of the future and to enable leaders and communities to begin the transition to a cohesive society post Covid-19. Knowing your target and destination in life makes it easier to plan to achieve goals. Individual and community development are not mutually exclusive, as development and change depend on the collective action and vision of many parts. The project is funded by two of Scatec’s Community Trusts; namely the Pixley ka Seme Broad Based Trust and the Joe Gqabi Broad Based Trust.”

Four phase roll-out plan

The roll-out consists of four phases: Explore, Excite, Equip and Evaluate.

The Explore phase –vital to ensuring that the programme is relevant, appropriate and customised to meet the needs of Scatec  host communities – kicked off in November 2020

In this phase, Free To Grow’s highly experienced community development facilitators, Danie Botha and Efraim Oppelt, spent time in each of the four communities to gain more insight into the realities of daily life. This was done under the leadership of Bianca and the respective Community Liaison Officers (CLOs) who arranged action-packed days in each of the communities.

The Excite phase followed at the end of November and was exactly that, a one day workshop with the intended participants. The purpose was to:

  • Familiarise the envisaged beneficiaries with the background, objectives and methodology of Free To Grow
  • Give them a brief taste of FTG, to excite them, get their buy-in and deepen their commitment to the process
  • Get to know each other and start to build trust and rapport
  • Gain a deeper understanding of their needs and their expectations for the upcoming intervention
  • Get more insight into the dynamics and context of the beneficiaries and communities to enable meaningful customisation.

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Watch our news blog for an update on the Excite phase as Team and Community Leaders embark on their leadership journey.

“Thanks to the Scatec Team, in particular the CLOs, for opening a window to your work and your communities. We are inspired and looking forward to the rest of the journey that lies ahead.” – Danie Botha and Efraim Oppelt, Free To Grow’s facilitators.

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