Helping employees buy wisely this holiday season

Money Sense training course

Our “above the surface” spending habits are influenced by our “below the surface” needs (both conscious and subconscious) – emotions, attitudes, values, perceptions & beliefs. Marketers understand the psychology behind this only too well and we are lured into buying for all the wrong reasons.

As employers, we see and experience the negative impact of our employees’ financial woes and often feel powerless to help.

What you can do

Free To Grow‘s Money Sense programme has equipped over 23 669 employees in 385 organisations with personal financial skills, providing not only the knowledge and skills but also addressing the underlying values and attitudes toward money that shape spending.

This great, 3-minute video highlights why Money Sense is so different from most financial literacy programmes and really does change behaviour

Our contribution during the pandemic

We are committed to making a difference and are offering our Money Sense programme for entry-level employees at a whopping 50% discount. Traditionally a two-day workshop presented face-to-face, we now also offer shorter sessions presented virtually focusing on specific themes.

What our clients say

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