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Through our journey with organisations, we’ve developed offerings to support HR, OD and Learning & Development.

Our powerful and distinctive learning methodology empowers professionals particularly in the areas of Employee Engagement, Change Management, Facilitation and Learning Material Development.


One of the most difficult aspects of implementing change is getting people ‘on-board’. While formal leaders are the key drivers of change and ultimately charged with making it happen, Change Champions can assist them in this often challenging task. Change Champions are influential employees – often HR – who are dedicated to supporting, marketing and ‘driving through’ a change, and are thus able to motivate and inspire others to embrace and implement a change.


Change@Work equips Change Champions with the skills to play three major roles in assisting change efforts:

1. Initiating: Equips Change Champions with a change mindset so that they are:

  • Well informed with a clear understanding of the purpose and advantages of the change
  • Have a clear vision of the direction, and are able to simplify and clarify what needs to be done
  • Able to inspire, encourage and motivate people to engage in the change process
  • Involve key stakeholders and build commitment to changes.

2. Facilitating: Provides a variety of team-based skills including:

  • Listening skills, coaching skills and skills in levelling, confronting and conflict resolution
  • Collaboration skills, i.e. learning how to guide brainstorming, problem-solving, planning and conflict resolution meetings.

3. Implementing: with skillful implementation, the success rate for change efforts improves significantly. Planning and managing the process is at the heart of successfully implementing change. Change Champions can do this by:

  • Making things happen
  • Developing feedback mechanisms for evaluating and monitoring the change process.

Target Group: Change Champions.


HR & OD have a vital role to play in:

  • Placing engagement on the table and making sure that it remains there
  • Putting firmly in place HRM policies and practices that positively impact engagement, and
  • Equipping and supporting the organisation’s leaders with the mindset and skillset to drive engagement.

Engagement presents HR with an opportunity to re-establish the profession at the heart of the business and organisational success, rather than be viewed as a cost centre or administrative function. HRengage! equips HR Practitioners to fully utilise this opportunity and to embed engagement, with positive ripples throughout the organisation.


  • Understand own role in driving Employee Engagement
  • Position Employee Engagement as a strategic priority
  • Develop and implement relevant policies and procedures that will grow engagement
  • Contribute to engagement from a transactional and transformational angle and
  • Equip and support the organisation’s leaders with the mindset and skillset to drive engagement.

Target Group: HR & OD practitioners.

Facilitate 4 Growth

In this learner intensive, competency-based ‘Train the Facilitator’ programme, Free To Grow provides participants with a deep insight into simple, yet practical facilitation methodology and models. With ample opportunities to practise and receive feedback on strengths and development areas, this programme assists participants to hone their facilitation skills. This enables them to facilitate their programmes in ways that lead to deep and sustainable learning.

Target Group: Facilitators.

Making Learning Spark

This powerful programme is presented by Alinda Nortje, Founder and Executive Chairperson of Free To Grow, who is viewed as a leader in the field of the facilitation of learning. Making Learning Spark has been designed to equip trainers, facilitators and programme developers/designers with the skills and tools to:

1. Offer learners a rich, high impact, meaningful learning experience that will engage them intellectually, emotionally, physically and socially.
2. Help learners remember and apply what they have learned, therefore maximising the ROI organisations derive from the training.

Target Group: Instructional Designers, Programme developers, HR professionals, trainers & facilitators.