This Women’s Month: August 2019



Women are stepping into the spotlight in organisations across industries.


When given the opportunity, they are growing beyond boundaries, bringing creativity, innovation and a passion for enhancing relationships to the forefront.


At Free To Grow – our vision is to ignite purpose, passion and potential for growth. In the spirit of women’s month, we want to illuminate women in your organisation by inviting you to:


  1. Powerful, purposeful Presentations


Give the women in your organisation more than motivation.   Free To Grow has an unparalleled track record in personal transformation.  Our art is what we plant in people instead of what we pour into them. Our messages are fresh, highly impactful and sticky.




FTG, Free To Grow, Presenter, Illuminate HER, women's dayPowerful, passionate and captivating, our presenters are both seasoned Free To Grow facilitators whose signature strengths are inspiring, engaging and connecting with people across job levels.


Gauteng-based Mmatjatji Edelstein, director of Free To Grow, is an inspiring presenter and highly experienced facilitator with a particular gift for story-telling.


“Phenomenal”, “a gem”, “inspirational” and “truly brilliant” are just some of the terms our clients such as UNICEF, Mercantile Bank, Imperial and TFG have used to describe the impact of Mmatjatji and Free To Grow’s methodology.



Click here to meet Mmatjatji and experience her in action





Cape-based Candice Hankey is a dynamic presenter. Candice has had a rich history of working within People & Organisational Development roles over the past 17 years, largely in the Manufacturing and Retail sectors.


Candice is able to adapt her style, depth and energy to engage audiences appropriately across business levels from the shop floor extraordinaire to executive level.


“Candice is a People Grower as her passion really sits in equipping people with the skills they need to develop and grow,” says Moyra Makina, HR Director: Sunglass Hut & Oakley Retail, ANZ (Australia & New Zealand).


Click here to meet Candice and experience her in action




  • Know yourself
  • Grow yourself
  • Promote yourself
  • Assert yourself


Here is a ‘taste’ of Know yourself….










The FORMATS:   Choose between:


1 Power Hour:  A high-impact presentation for small or large groups

2 Power Hours: A high-impact, interactive presentation for small or large groups

  1. Put a Spotlight on what you want to see more of


Free To Grow has designed an innovative illuminateHER Toolkit that you can use to illuminate women – on all levels in your organisation – who are symbols of growth. We will provide you with complimentary versions of the following:

illuminateHER toolkit, Free To Grow, appreciation cards, Free To Grow facebook competition

Appreciation cards

Use the e-version of this beautifully designed appreciation card, to acknowledge women in your organisation for living your values or for bringing a particular strength to their work. These can be printed out or distributed digitally.


Insert a photo and short caption for each woman you want to illuminate on the poster template included in your pack. Print and use the posters as you wish.

Video clips: Facebook campaign

Use the e-flyer to invite employees to identify women they want to acknowledge for the growth they’ve shown. They will be asked to record a 30-second video clip, on their cell phone, of the woman sharing her story and then post the clips on Free To Grow’s Facebook page to give these women public recognition.

Facebook Competition

Between 1 July & 30 August, Free To Grow will run a competition, selecting the video story with most votes. The winner will be announced on 30 August and scoop for their organisation the first day of Shine!, Free To Grow’s Accelerated Development Programme for High Potential Women, valued at R17,000. The winner will attend this transformational programme alongside a group of female peers selected by the organisation as symbols of growth.

Have a conversation with us around shaping a Women’s Month experience that will add the most value to the growth of the women in your organisation. Contact Simone Marais on 0834699782 or  or Kim van Schoor on 084 442 5619  or

If the growth of women is important to you, put a spotlight on what you want to see more of in your organisation. For your illuminateHER Pack contact and get started today!

Facebook Competition: How to participate


  1. Nominate women in your organisation who have overcome challenges to show significant growth
    1. NOTE: this campaign is not focused on women who have achieved great professional success, many of whom have received recognition. The aim is to put the spotlight on ordinary women who have shown extraordinary growth – no matter how small the achievement
  2. Film a 30-second video clip, recorded on your cell phone, of the nominee
    1. NOTE: nominees must introduce themselves and briefly share the story behind why they’ve been chosen
  3. Go to our Facebook page @freetogrow
  4. Like our page and post the video
  5. Don’t forget to add #illuminateHER to your post




  • The competition will run from 1 July to 30 August 2019
  • Out of all the nominees, Free To Grow will select the top 10 to enter the final voting phase and contact the finalists, notifying them, and their organisations, that the public poll has begun
  • The winner will be announced on 6 September based on the number of votes received
  • The prize is not transferable and cannot be exchanged for other programmes or cash
  • The 1-day Shine workshop will be scheduled following the competition announcement for a date that accommodates all parties. It will be presented in-house with the organisation providing catering.
  • The Shine workshop caters for a maximum of 16 participants.


If the growth of women is important to you, put a spotlight on what you want to see more of in your organisation. For your illuminateHER Pack contact and get started today!