Individual & Team Development

Ultimately, an organisation’s people shape its success. Free To Grow’s range of individual & team development programmes ignite purpose, passion and potential for growth – with remarkable results in the lives of individuals and the culture of organisations.

Our distinctive learning methodology cuts through a diversity of cultures and education levels, creating a common language amongst people that is ‘sticky’ and lasts.

Individual Development

Free To Grow Individual Development

Our personal mastery and wellbeing programmes assist people in their journey of continuous improvement and proactive self-development. The objective is to help employees focus their energy on being the best they can be and enhance the quality of their personal and work lives.

Courageous Conversations

Equips participants with the knowledge and skills to have challenging & potentially risky conversations through:

  • Increasing self-awareness and empathy
  • Creating a safe environment to discuss difficult matters
  • Learning how to apply the guiding principles of assertiveness to everyday situations
  • Conducting courageous conversations
  • Growing respect, understanding and trust in relationships.
Target Group: Graduates, professionals, leaders of others and leaders of leaders.


Designed to develop PsyCap (hope, resilience, optimism and efficacy) as well as the qualities that lie at the core of PsyCap: Self-esteem and ownership. This promotes:

  • Greater levels of proactive self-development
  • Increased life satisfaction
  • Improved morale and an enhanced sense of well-being.
Target Group: Entry-level employees and Supervisors.

Managing Conflict

Designed to help people deal with everyday conflict in the workplace by:

  • Making them aware of the potential risk of conflict
  • Fostering a responsible attitude towards the management of conflict
  • Finding ways to avoid unnecessary, petty conflict
  • Developing insight into their own behaviour in a conflict situation and understanding how it impacts the outcomes of the conflict
  • Developing skills and strategies that they can apply in interpersonal conflict situations.
Target Group: Sales, admin, frontline, Supervisors.

Money Sense

Empowers people to take ownership of their personal finances by:

  • Creating a positive and responsible attitude towards money
  • Providing practical knowledge as a foundation for informed decision making, and
  • Building essential skills to handle money effectively.

Target Group: All employees. Of particular relevance to the lower job levels and those struggling with debt.

Versions:  Different versions to suit your needs: One or two-day in-house facilitated workshops or short, interactive virtually facilitated.

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#MoneyWize sessions each focussing on a different them. See a sample of a few pages from our #MoneyWize workbook here.

Here is a ‘taste’ of what makes Money Sense different and so effective:


Brings together the most pertinent nuggets of wisdom from the fields of Personal Mastery and Emotional Intelligence to guide employees along the path to realise their potential and thrive within this challenging terrain. The programme fosters:

  • self-management,
  • self-responsibility,
  • self-awareness and choice and
  • equips employees to live in alignment with their values and purpose.

It provides a set of strategies and tools to help employees successfully and consistently work toward their own goals and live and work at their peak.

Target Group:  Applicable to all Leaders of Self and as a foundational programme for Leaders of Others and Leaders of Leaders.

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Here is a ‘taste’ of Pathfinder and its outcomes

Team Development

Free To Grow Team Development

Our team development pro­grammes increase un­derstanding, openness and cohesion in teams. They create a framework for more authentic and constructive communication, improving the work climate, channelling energy previously absorbed in conflict, into problem-solving and teamwork.

Team Journey

Enhances respect, understanding and trust between team members and ultimately team performance.

Target Group:  All teams


Increases the collective spirit and motivation in a team and enhances the capacity of the team to pull together in pursuit of a common purpose. Designed to address the challeges commonly experienced by groups of people working together by developing:

  • Trust, so that team members trust one another enough to discuss feelings and concerns openly and promptly
  • A sense of belonging, involving the team members emotionally as well as professionally
  • Participation, where contributions of all team members are encouraged and acknowledged.
Target Group:  Teams who are not perfomingly optimally as a team.