Inspiring Leaders 2 Engage

In all studies of Employee Engagement, one thing is clear: no-one impacts the state of engagement and job fulfillment more than an employee’s immediate leader.

Most leaders buy into the concept of Employee Engagement intellectually. The reality though, is that many lack the skills to create and sustain a high engagement work environment. This results in Employee Engagement remaining little more than a good intention.


This inspiring and practical 3-hour Mini-Workshop is aimed at first time leaders, first line leaders, supervisors and team leaders and will:
  1.  Provide a compelling business case for Employee Engagement.
  2. Create an awareness of their role as leaders in driving engagement.
  3. Grow knowledge and  practical skills to help leaders develop the 4 C’s required for engagement:
  • Credibility: Why and how to lead by example
  • Connection: How to shorten line of sight between what employees do and the bigger picture through 4 P conversations
  • Contribution:  How to encourage full contribution by recognising efforts
  • Communication: How to move conversations from problem to solution focus.


HR & OD: this is an ideal opportunity for you to invite all your first line leaders for an inspirational morning that will equip them with practical skills and start creating a common language regarding Employee Engagement in your organisation.  REGISTER TODAY!