Introducing Making Learning Spark

Making Learning Spark is a cutting-edge programme that equips trainers, facilitators and programme designers with the skills and tools to offer learners a rich, high-impact learning experience, quickly getting their buy-in and helping them to remember and apply what they have learned.

Presented by Alinda Nortje, Founder and Executive Chairperson of Free To Grow, Making Learning Spark delivers a selection of innovative learning methods and techniques while reigniting the passion of participants to be instruments for learning. Not only increasing the value for learners, and maximising the ROI that organisations derive from their training, but also enhancing the meaning designers and facilitators derive from their work.

Making Learning Spark made its debut at Standard Bank where a countrywide rollout is currently underway. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive as Learning Facilitators continue to gather in different provinces to experience this innovative programme that will ERASE boredom and apathy from the classroom, as well as the low retention that so commonly occurs after training. “This programme is the oasis in a dry place… let’s transform the landscape”, says Lauren Henderson, learning facilitator from Standard Bank in the Western Cape.

These sentiments are mirrored by many others who have found the programme’s principles and practices immediately applicable and easy to assimilate in their own workplaces.

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Learning Facilitators and Learning designers of Standard Bank Durban and Cape Town enjoy experimenting with different learning methods during Free To Grow’s 2-day Making Learning Spark programme

According to Jill Mills, Standard Bank’s Learning and Development Director, “Making Learning Spark gave the team a wonderful opportunity to gain insight into how to start rethinking what learning means to participants in a classroom experience and how to relate this to a more digital experience”.

While this programme was designed for face to face training, it was encouraging to hear how much value designers of E-learning programmes derived from the programme. All who attended expressed their excitement about how easily they could apply the principles and tools to their context, believing that some of the methods would significantly enhance the learners’ experience of their programmes.

“It also presented an opportunity to plant beautiful seeds that learners can nurture, grow and water in their own garden of knowledge, so they grow through this experience. Everybody that’s been on the programme has only had alarmingly positive experiences, and shares around what they’ve done differently, and not in talking because I believe translating theory into application, and this course absolutely does that for people.”

“It equips learners with the knowledge and tools that allow them to start applying principles, that they may have known before, but can now apply in a different way. There are many things we learn as ETD practitioners, but no-one really explains how to do things differently, in a way that holds meaning form the learner and drives the retention of knowledge”, says Jill.

Under the skillful facilitation of Alinda, who is often described as a guru in the field of learning, participants continue to gain the skills required to make learning a meaningful experience that will engage learners intellectually, emotionally, physically and socially. With 35 years of experience in this field, and an urge to continually experiment and explore with new approaches, Alinda brings to this programme vast wisdom and experience that participants can tap into.

This programme is now available for in-house presentation.