Amaro’s leaders turn commitments into actions

Six months ago, the senior leadership team of Amaro Foods, based in Killarney, Cape Town, began their leadership development journey with Free To Grow. LeadQ®, a programme centred on equipping leaders with the knowledge, skills and tools critical to cementing an engagement culture, formed the starting point. Following from this, leaders attended a series of half-day Coaching Circles that focused on helping them apply the learnings and continue to develop their skills in digestible chunks.

During the final Coaching Circle, they assessed the impact of this leadership journey on their performance as leaders – with significant results.
LeadQ, leadership development, Free To Grow

LeadQ, leadership development,

Amaro’s leadership continue to develop their engaging skills with Coaching Circles, helping them maintain energy, enthusiasm and passion for work with their teams.

A leader in attendance describes the experience as “unbelievable, this workshop has opened my eyes. I’ve enjoyed every minute. I’m extremely motivated to make positive changes.”