Learning Methodology

We view the design of learning programmes as an art and a science. Through 30 years of experience and research in this field, we have developed a learning methodology that encourages people to deeply engage with the content and apply what they have learned. Follow up assessments show a remarkably high retention of key learnings and a resulting change in behaviour.  

Our learning methodology draws from Neuroscience, Adult Learning Principles and Psychology and is built on four pillars, applied differently to suit the learning needs of different target groups.

Free To Grow Learning Methodology

Specialised skills to communicate abstract concepts to entry level employees

The unique Free To Grow blend of experiential activities and visual metaphor helps entry level learners, even those with an educational backlog.

By meeting their most pertinent learning needs, we help them understand, remember and apply what they learn.

Free To Grow Learning Methodology lower job levels

Our learning material

Here is a sample of the learner workbooks for our Staying Strong programme:

Staying Strong workbook example