Mondi ramp up the capacity of their leaders to drive engagement, collaboration and performance

Having successfully partnered with Free To Grow (FTG) for a number of years, in the on-going development of their first-line managers, Mondi has extended their leadership development framework to include programmes focused on growing a culture of engagement that supports their values within the business.

With around 26,000 employees and operations across more than 30 countries, Mondi recognises the importance of engaged leadership, whereby leaders themselves are engaged and have the skills to create a working environment that enhances engagement, reinforces their values, and ultimately improves performance.

To assist Mondi on their engagement journey, FTG will present a series of culture and engagement programmes at their Durban and Richards Bay Plants. The journey, currently underway, involves the presentation of FTG’s Engaging Leadership and LeadQ programmes – the former aimed at equipping senior leaders with the skills to, ‘walk the engagement talk’, and the latter to help first-line and emerging leaders make engagement practises a daily reality within their teams. The process will be complemented by Coaching Circles to facilitate the transfer of learning back into the workplace and to help leaders to support and drive the desired culture.

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Emerging leaders from Mondi Durban feeling inspired to lead for engagement after attending a two-day LeadQ workshop.

Free To Grow is thrilled to continue partnering with Mondi, building on a longstanding relationship that began in 2011 when FTG was selected as Mondi’s provider of choice to present 4C Leadership throughout South Africa. Although the original contract was completed, Mondi’s enthusiasm over the impact of the training has led to them implement our programmes ever since. In addition to 4C Leadership, Soar! and EQ Edge has been added to the development offering – to date, more than 800 leaders have attended our programmes.

Sagie Pillay, Production Manager at Mondi shares how “the leadership programmes are a real breath of fresh air. The kind of courses that will add tremendous value to our business”.

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An energised group of first-line leaders, attending Soar! at Mondi Richards Bay, demonstrate the effectiveness of teamwork during an Obstacle Exercise.

FTG, Free To Grow, Leadership Development, leadership training, team collaboration, team cohesion

Excited learners from Mondi Durban proudly display a poster, summarising some of their learnings, after attending a 4C Leadership workshop.