Needing an ’emotional vaccine’?

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Staying Strong is a powerful ’emotional vaccine’. Provided in the recommended dosages – it will build employees’ emotional fitness – resilience, optimism, ownership and flexibility – allowing them to persevere during tough times.

It also equips HR and leaders with the tools and skills to demonstrate their care and positively impact the wellbeing of their employees.

Different implementation options:

1. The programme:

  • Face-to-face facilitation: A one-day immersive workshop  – a deep dive into the various topics OR a condensed half-day session focusing on just the key content.
  • Virtual facilitation: Packaged to meet your specific needs e.g. three x 90-minute sessions, two x 4-hour sessions, or four x 2-hour interactive, virtual sessions.
  • Train The Trainer:
    We equip your facilitators to present the Staying Strong programme inhouse (face-to-face or virtual presentation). 


2. A DIY toolkit:

Ideal for large numbers of entry-level employees: comprises 15 different packs – each comprising a video (5 – 7 minutes), a Leader’s conversation guide and a one-page Info Sheet.

Watch this 3-minute video to get an experience of the videos in the DIY Toolkit

Download the Staying Strong interactive e-profile and explore the content themes, more detail on the DIY toolkits and our clients’ experiences of the impact.

What sets Staying Strong apart?

Designed by Free To Grow, experts in learning and communication with 27 years’ experience in this field.


Staying Strong relevant for all job levels

Creates a common language regarding wellbeing across your organisation


Customise the content and delivery format to meet your specific needs using our excellent design capability.


Our diverse team of facilitators ensures an ideal match to the profile and needs of any group in your organisation.


Relevant, practical content makes messages ‘land’. Fresh, engaging and image-rich methodology ensures they ‘stick’.


Get in touch with us today via or contact CEO and Executive Chairperson, Alinda Nortje, on 082 852 6323 or to explore how we can contribute to what you are doing to enhance the wellbeing and engagement of your employees.