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The five critical stakeholders in creating a culture of engagement are senior leaders, managers, supervisors & team leaders, individual employees and HR.  Our range of employee engagement programmes equip each stakeholder for its specific role while creating a common language regarding engagement in the organisation.

Free To Grow Employee Engagement Programmes

SHAPEExecutive & Senior Managers

SHAPE (1 day)

Senior leadership needs to set the tone and shape a high engagement culture. This programme involves them from the get-go and helps them to:


  • Buy into the concept of employee engagement
  • Get clarity on what drives engagement and what their role is in the process
  • Understand and help shape the different facets of the engagement journey
  • Determine how success will be measured
  • Shape a compelling story that will align the organisation behind a common purpose and vision.

Engagng LeadershipLeaders of Leaders

Engaging Leadership (3 days)

Managers are the ultimate owners of creating a culture of engagement. Aligned to FTG’s Employee Engagement Drivers Model®, Engaging Leadership equips managers for this role by developing the 4C’s proven critical to growing a high engagement culture:


Credibility: Modelling the way and lead by example

Connection: Connecting to employees in a one-on-one and team relationship, deepening the connection they have with the organisation through 4P conversations and shortening the line of sight between the work they do and what the organisation needs

Contribution: Bringing out the best in the people and recognising them in ways that are important to them

Communication: Creating dialogue and encouraging employee voice about what matters to them and to the organisation


Engaging Leadership can be bolstered by TeamConnect® –  a powerful methodology used by leaders of teams to ensure that teams execute their work. It makes use of structured team meetings as well as coaching and mentoring on the job.

LeadQLeaders of Teams

LeadQ® (2 days & coaching circles)

First line leaders are the key drivers of day to day engagement.  The irony is that few first-line leaders are equipped for this role. In most instances, they have been promoted on technical or functional competence.  Free To Grow provides first line leaders with a comprehensive development journey to address this gap.  After they have attended WorkQ® with their staff, they continue the development journey with LeadQ®


This programme helps them understand Employee Engagement and equips them with the skills and tools to create a positive work environment and developing the 2 I’s critical to their role: Inspire and Interact. It follows the same themes as Engaging Leadership, aimed at managers so that a common language regarding Employee Engagement is created across leadership levels in the organisation.


LeadQ® is complemented by punchy monthly or bi-monthly, half day LeadQ® Coaching Circles that continue to develop engaging skills in digestible chunks.


WorkQEmployees & Leaders of Teams

WorkQ® (2 or 3 days)

WorkQ® goes beyond IQ and EQ to develop the mindset, knowledge and skills that enable non-management employees to understand the needs of the organisation, make them aware of what is expected from them to sustain and grow the organisation and be more willing, eager and able to contribute their best and effectively support each other in the process.


WorkQ® comprises three or four journeys which can be customised to fit your needs:

    • Personal Journey: Builds self-esteem and increases ownership
    • Work Journey: Instils a positive view of work and a commitment to fully utilise the opportunity that work offers them
    • Organisation’s Journey: Develops an understanding of the ‘bigger picture’ of their work: The Purpose, the Plan and the Part they need to play. Strengthens alignment with the organisation’s values
    • Team Journey: An optional module that grows respect, trust and understanding, the skills required to work in harmony and collaborate with others
    • Service Journey: An optional module that equips employees with the motivation, knowledge and skills to deliver an outstanding customer experience.

HREngageHR & OD

HRengage! (2 days)

A dynamic programme for HR & OD Practitioners that will equip them with the knowledge and skills to:

      • Understand their own role in driving Employee Engagement
      • Position Employee Engagement as a strategic priority,
      • Develop and implement relevant policies and procedures that will grow engagement
      • Contribute to engagement from a transactional and transformational angle and
      • Equip and support the organisation’s leaders with the mindset and skillset to drive engagement.

Programmes building engagement skills


There are different pieces in the engagement puzzle. No one piece alone can create or sustain engagement. Various drivers create a work environment conducive to engagement. We provide tools and skills to strengthen the people-related drivers. This helps organisations to positively shift the needle of engagement. Roll over the image for details….