"Coaching is taking a person where he can’t take himself."

Bill McCartney

Our Coaching offering

Individual coaching is a valuable tool to help leaders accelerate in their leadership journeys and equip them with the knowledge, skills and behaviours to make the engagement of themselves and their people a habit.

Free To Grow’s Individual Coaching solutions deliver in 3 key areas:

FTG, Free To Grow Coaching, Coaching Offering


Consulting on coaching programmes and strategies:

  • Positioning coaching as integral to talent development and Employee Engagement priorities.
  • Develop internal processes and methodologies to aid with identification, mapping, mentoring,
    and coaching of key talent.


Delivery of Executive, Leadership, & HIPO coaching:

  • Provision, administration and supervision of professional coaches
  • Delivery of professional coaching to individually identified leaders, High Potential (HIPO) individuals,
    or teams on an ad hoc and customised basis


Creating a culture of coaching, and development of Internal Coaching capability:

  • Building internal capacity in leaders for Coaching Conversations
  • Training internal Coaches
  • Facilitating ‘bonding’ and alignment sessions between internal coaches, coachees and/or teams
  • Providing Supervision and Quality Assurance of internal coaching processes

Our Coaching approach


Adopting a positive-psychology philosophy, we build on our clients’ strengths to accelerate their effectiveness and growth.


Our coaching sessions are solutions focused and designed to assist the coachee to achieve confidence and success in the work environment. At the same time, we have objectives and a delivery focused approach. Success is gauged through observable behaviour change in the coachee, as well as qualitative assessment by the coachee and the Line Manager.


We use a variety of coaching models and tools, avoiding a ‘one size fits all’ approach as we believe individuals have unique abilities, situations and requirements.


Free To Grow coaching is coachee-led and is designed to address the coachees’ individual and unique requirements. Coaching themes are provided through our Mosaic Model  as a useful reference for potential areas of focus.

Our Mosaic Model

FTG, Free To Grow Coaching, Free To Grow Coaching Mosaic Model

The Free To Grow Mosaic Model provides a useful reference point for coachees to identify potential areas for coaching support.


The Mosaic Themes are derived from research into the most requested topics for leaders. Coachees may choose to receive coaching on any or all of these themes or may choose additional themes based on their unique requirements