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Free To Grow Coaching

Our Coaching offering

“Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximise their own performance. It’s helping them to learn rather than teaching them.”

John Whitmore


Individual coaching is one of the fastest growing areas of leadership development and is being held up among Millennials and high potential individuals as their preferred method of receiving development.
The reasons are quite simple. For experienced and well-established leaders, it gives them a space to be vulnerable, soundboard ideas, define their strengths and set clear leadership objectives, while for Millennials it offers quick, on-demand conversations that give them a platform to lead from.

Coaching is not only a valuable tool to help leaders accelerate in their leadership journeys, but it also plays an essential role equipping them with the knowledge, skills and behaviours to make their own and their people’s engagement a habit.

We adopt a positive-psychology philosophy, building on our clients’ strengths to accelerate their effectiveness and growth.


Free To Grow’s Individual Coaching solutions deliver in 3 key areas:

FTG, Free To Grow Coaching, Coaching Offering


Consulting on coaching programmes and strategies:

  • Positioning coaching as integral to talent development and Employee Engagement priorities.
  • Develop internal processes and methodologies to aid with identification, mapping, mentoring,
    and coaching of key talent.


Delivery of Executive, Leadership, & HIPO coaching:

  • Provision, administration and supervision of professional coaches
  • Delivery of professional coaching to individually identified leaders, High Potential (HIPO) individuals,
    or teams on an ad hoc and customised basis


Creating a culture of coaching, and development of Internal Coaching capability:

  • Building internal capacity in leaders for Coaching Conversations
  • Training internal Coaches
  • Facilitating ‘bonding’ and alignment sessions between internal coaches, coachees and/or teams
  • Providing Supervision and Quality Assurance of internal coaching processes

Our Coaching approach


Adopting a positive-psychology philosophy, we build on our clients’ strengths to accelerate their effectiveness and growth.


Our coaching sessions are solutions focused and designed to assist the coachee to achieve confidence and success in the work environment. At the same time, we have objectives and a delivery focused approach. Success is gauged through observable behaviour change in the coachee, as well as qualitative assessment by the coachee and the Line Manager.


We use a variety of coaching models and tools, avoiding a ‘one size fits all’ approach as we believe individuals have unique abilities, situations and requirements.


Free To Grow coaching is coachee-led and is designed to address the coachees’ individual and unique requirements. Coaching themes are provided through our Mosaic Model  as a useful reference for potential areas of focus.

Our Mosaic Model

FTG, Free To Grow Coaching, Free To Grow Coaching Mosaic Model

The Free To Grow Mosaic Model provides a useful reference point for coachees to identify potential areas for coaching support.


The Mosaic Themes are derived from research into the most requested topics for leaders. Coachees may choose to receive coaching on any or all of these themes or may choose additional themes based on their unique requirements


Our Team of Coaches


Free To Grow’s coaches are highly qualified and/or highly experienced and specialise in different areas from Executive Coaching to Coaching for individuals and teams.

Jo Thomson, Free To Grow Coach

Jo Thomson


Jo is an established strategic HR Executive Professional with more than 29 years of experience across industry sectors.

Jo has a deep passion for improving leadership and corporate efficiency is backed by a Master of Philosophy in Management Coaching (USB) – amongst other qualifications –  and a wealth of experience.

Jo Hobson, Free To Grow Coach, Executive Coach, Leaderhsip Development, INdustrial psychologist, Cape Town

Jo Hobson


Jo is a registered organisational psychologist certified Executive and Team Coach with Results Coaching Systems and Shift-IT Visual Coach.

Jo’s passionate about helping people think, learn and grow. Her 25 years’ experience in Organisational Psychology and HR Management across industries has developed her skills in Organisational Development, Leadership, Coaching, Team Process Work, Neuroscience, Visual Intelligence and Inclusion.

Sean Fjellvik, Free To Grow Coach

Sean Fjellvik


Sean qualified as a coach through the Results Coaching process, which focuses on the neuroscience systems of performance and behavioural change. He is also a skilled professional having worked for more than 20 years across a number of industries and at a senior management level.


Sean has a deep desire to see people (especially leaders) not only change what they do but also how they think.

Senomi de Villiers, Free To Grow Coach

Senomi de Villiers


Senomi has a wealth of experience in leadership and coaching and is a Narrative Coach Enhanced practitioner.

The development of people is part of Senomi’s purpose in life.  She found a home in Narrative Coaching and use the mindful, experiential and holistic approach that helps people shift their stories about themselves, others, and life itself to create new possibilities and new results.


Alinda Nortje, Chairperson Free To Grow

Alinda Nortje


Alinda is the founder and Chairperson of Free To Grow and has more than 30 years’ experience in the design, development and facilitation of learning. Her work has taken her across Africa to Asia and the Middle East, where she has been personally involved in designing large-scale organisation-wide Culture Change and Engagement projects. Alinda’s passion for people, empathy and authenticity enables her to connect and build rapport with people across cultures and job levels, making her an outstanding coach in the fields of learning design, communication and employee engagement.


Sivan Padayachy

Sivan Padayachy


With 19 years of corporate executive experience spanning 15 African countries, Sivan is an established leader and team coach with a deep understanding of the complexities of heterogeneous cultures and leadership.

Sivan is passionate about transforming workplaces towards embracing an inclusive culture. She uses leading-edge individual and team coaching tools to help leaders and teams deal with issues of diversity, inclusion and unconscious bias.

Elzaan Bergh-Botha, Free To Grow Coach

Elzaan Berg-Botha


Elzaan has 20 years of experience in developing people within a business. Her combination of skills in business and people development gives her a unique understanding of what teams and leaders need to shift their realities.

She is passionate about maximizing the potential in individuals and helping them re-frame their stories to approach their work, life and relationships in a new way to achieve better results. She believes in the power of continuous growth and has a Post-Grad Qualification in Innovative Leadership.