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Culture & Engagement Survey


The saying, ‘What gets measured, gets done’, also applies to Employee Engagement. When performed effectively, Employee Engagement Surveys perform a vital ‘health check’ in the organisation and hold numerous benefits to the business.


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Our Culture & Engagement Survey is a comprehensive tool based on local and international research and best practice, combined with our insight and experience, gained across 34 countries and 1 350 organisations, over 26 years. This experience in organisational culture and engagement guides our entire approach, from the selection of questions to the format of our briefing and feedback sessions, and our analysis and reporting of the data.


Since 2019 we have utilised the cutting-edge survey capability of Mindset Management, a trusted engagement survey consultancy, to offer our clients world-class technology in this area. Together with Mindset Management, we deliver a powerful, scientifically validated engagement solution that transforms employee feedback into critical business insights.


The quality and user-friendliness of the report is exceptional. You will receive access to advanced, drill-down analytics dashboards that will allow you to filter, compare and analyse employee feedback and survey results across time, sites, regions, and demographics.


Mindset Management, a trusted engagement survey consultancy


Providing critical insights into the levels, indicators, and drivers of engagement in your organisation, our survey’s key differentiators include:


  1. Survey license – To run one baseline survey with 12-months access to the analytics dashboard. A premium plan is also available offering unlimited pulse surveys.
  2. Scientifically researched and statistically validated survey model – The constructs utilised within the survey are based upon scientific research and industry norms and trends.
  3. Survey customisation – Provides the option to make changes and additions to the survey as required. This includes selecting the demographics that fit your context.
  4. Personal Engagement Reports – To motivate participation and provide employees with useful feedback regarding their engagement, you can elect to make personal reports available to those who complete the online survey. This 2-page report generates automatically and can only be viewed by the person who completed the survey.
  5. The tool is action-oriented – It does not only provide information on the WHAT of engagement but, because it is linked to the Free To Grow’s Drivers of Engagement Model, it also guides leaders to easily transition to the critical NOW WHAT (targeted improvement).
  6. Designed by specialists in culture and employee engagement – As part of the NOW WHAT, you have the option of utilising tried and tested, high impact programmes from our Culture & Engagement Suite to:
  • Equip leaders with the skills and tools to significantly improve the weak drivers, identified in the survey, in a short space of time
  • Enhance engagement levels of non-managerial staff through our WorkQ® Programme that can be customised to align with the challenges identified in the survey.


What our clients like about it:


“We found this instrument very valuable. It was a useful starting point of our engagement journey, clearly pointing out where we had to focus our attention.”
Reinhardt Van Rooyen, Vesuvius Business Unit Director AR, South AfricaFree To Grow clients, Vesuvius, engagement survey


“The survey gave employees on shop-floor a voice. It helped us to uncover engagement levels and provided us with valuable insights.
Using the feedback, we were able to capitalize on opportunities for improvement, identify where our strengths lay, as well as areas of weakness that required intervention. It helped us turn the data into actionable items that the shop-floor employees could recognize as a response to their feedback.”

Annelie Govender, HR Executive, Vector Logistics, RCL Foods

Free To Grow clients, Vector Logistics, WorkQ