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Individual & Team Development


Ultimately, an organisation’s people shape its success.

Free To Grow develops and facilitates programmes that ignite purpose, passion and potential for growth – with remarkable results in the lives of individuals and the culture of organisations.


Our distinctive learning methodology cuts through a diversity of cultures and education levels, creating a common language amongst people that is ‘sticky’ and lasts.

FTG, Free To Grow, Individual DevelopmentIndividual Development


Our personal development programmes assist people in their journey of continuous improvement and proactive self-development. The objective is to help employees focus their energy on being the best they can be and enhance the quality of their personal and work lives.

  • LifeQ: personal mastery for entry-level staff (2 days + 2 days)
  • Managing Conflict: Everyday conflict management skills  (1 day)
  • Money Sense: personal financial skills (1 or 2 days)
  • Pathfinder: personal mastery (3 days)
  • Staying Strong: resilience, optimism and ownership (1 day)

HR Development

  • Change @ Work: Equips Change Champions to initiate, facilitate and implement change (5 days)
  • Facilitate 4 Growth: a learner intensive, competency based Train The Facilitator programme (3 days)
  • Making Learning Spark: equips trainers, facilitators and programme developers/designers with the skills to design meaningful, engaging & ‘sticky’ learning experiences (2 days)

FTG, Free To Grow, Team DevelopmentTeam Development

Our team and inter-personal skills building pro­grammes increase respect, trust and un­derstanding in teams. They create a framework for more authentic and constructive communication, improving the work climate and increasing fun and collaboration.

Team development

  • TeamQ: Enhances Respect, Understanding and Trust and ultimately team performance (1 – 3 days)