“Wisdom does not come overnight."

Somali proverb

FTG, Free To Grow, Leadership DevelopmentLeadership Development


Our leadership development programmes provide leaders and future leaders with the mindset, knowledge and practical skills and tools to engage their teams and lead by example.

Executive Leaders

  • Shaping a Culture of Collaboration: Exploring the role of the Exec team in creating and internalising culture
    and executing strategy (4 hours)

Leaders of Leaders

  • Coach 2 Excel: Knowledge and skills to Coach their teams (2 days)
  • Conscious Inclusion for Leaders: explores the key steps to minimise and mitigate unconscious bias on individual, team and organisational level (1 day)
  • Inspiring Leaders 2 Engage: knowledge and skills to inspire and engage their teams (4 hours)
  • Leading Change: skills and tools to effectively lead change (2 days)

Leaders of Teams

  • Engaging Millennials: knowledge and skills to attract, engage and retain millennial talent (4 hours)
  • LeadQ: knowledge, skills, and tools to create an environment and relationships conducive to high engagement by inspiring, interacting, informing, involving and incenting on a daily basis. (4 days + coaching circles)
  • Soar!: transformational blended learning journey for all first-line and future leaders (4 days + coaching circles + managers’ sessions)
  • SCORE! a comprehensive, industry-specific, blended learning journey for supervisors (14 days, 6 – 12 x 2-hour coaching circles and Coach 2 Excel for the line managers of the participants)
  • TeamConnect: skills and tools to facilitate meaningful, structured team dialogue to strengthen the culture (values) & improve team performance (1 day + coaching)

Women’s Development


Women have as much potential as men. However, in most organisations, high-potential women commonly progress only into first-line leadership positions before getting ‘stuck’ there.


This results in a lack of gender diversity at senior leadership and decision-making levels. The accelerated development of women, therefore, becomes critical for organisations who realise the untapped potential of half their workforce and want to challenge the status quo.


Shine! is a step-by-step, one-year journey that translates potential into performance by building the mindsets and skillsets of women in first-line leader roles and those identified as future leaders.


Creating opportunities for women to grow without also ensuring that their direct leaders have the attitude, knowledge and skills to support their growth would defeat the purpose. An important and unique part of the Shine! journey is the active involvement and development of their direct leaders through a different, parallel growth journey.

Millennial Development


Our millennial-focused programmes help blend generations to be more effective together.

  • Pathfinder: personal mastery for young graduates and professionals. Lays the EQ foundation critical for leadership development (3 days)
  • Ignite!: customised, accelerated development blended learning programme for millennial leaders (8 days + 5 coaching circles & managers sessions)