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Leadership DevelopmentLeadership Development


Our leadership development programmes provide leaders and future leaders with the mindset, knowledge and practical skills and tools to engage their teams and lead by example. They also support leaders and future leaders by providing insights and wisdom to navigate the critical transitions in the leadership pipeline.

Leaders of Leaders


Coach 2 Excel: 

Equips managers with the tools and techniques required to effectively coach on the job



  • A commitment to the development of the potential of all staff.
  • Awareness of everyday formal and informal opportunities in which to use coaching as a tool to develop skills and improve performance.
  • Increased skills to relate to and build a positive relationship with diverse staff.
  • Greater commitment to use existing performance measurement instruments fully as a development tool.
  • Improved listening and feedback skills.


Target Group: Leaders of others and leaders of leaders.


Conscious Inclusion for Leaders:


Takes the learnings from Beyond Unconscious Bias to the next level by equipping leaders with the knowledge and skills to actively contribute towards creating a culture of inclusion.



  • A commitment to creating a culture of inclusion
  • The courage to speak up and challenge the status quo in your sphere of control and influence
  • The insight to create opportunities for your team to connect informally and create shared experiences
  • Shaping a safe container for authentic conversations in your team
  • The knowledge and skills to involve wider and deeper
  • The ability to identify and mitigate bias in your people practices.


Target Group: Leaders of Leaders




A virtual learning journey that equips leaders with the mindset, skillset, and toolset to respond to the challenges of remote work, navigate the virtual landscape with greater effectiveness and enhance team performance.

LeadConnect Virtual Learning Journey for leaders of remote teams


Leaders of Teams




A transformational blended learning journey for first-line leaders and those earmarked for leadership roles. Changing behaviour is a process, not a once-off occurrence. Our learning approach is therefore staggered and blended, combining face-to-face training with 180 degrees feedback, practical assignments, interactive coaching circles, buddy coaching and management support.



  • Growth in competence, confidence and commitment.
  • Knowledge, skills and mindset to work effectively with others and to motivate and develop them.
  • Increase in personal commitment to the organisation and its goals
  • Increased meaning and pride and enthusiasm in their roles.
  • Nurtures leadership talent.


Target Group: Team leaders, Supervisors and Junior Managers. Different versions for different levels.


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A comprehensive, industry-specific, blended learning journey for supervisors. As the vital link between management goals and execution, first-line leaders need the knowledge and skills to align their team’s efforts with the organisation’s goals and values and create a work environment in which employees are committed, feel pride and take ownership. It is also at entry-level that it’s vital to manage service, cost and quality. If first-line leaders don’t have the ability to do this effectively, their managers need to manage both roles, which undermines the first-line leader’s credibility. It is no wonder that many first-line leaders underperform and fall short of realising their leadership potential.

First-line leadership training is a valuable tool to help people master the basics of management. SCORE! takes the development of first-line leaders a few steps further by also focusing on the internal and value shifts required to achieve results through others.



  • Understanding their roles in maximising their team and the organisation’s performance
  • Increased self-awareness and a growth in confidence
  • Enhanced ownership, optimism and resilience
  • Ability to run structured and effective team meetings
  • Skills to build productive working relationships through increased respect, understanding, trust and appreciation
  • Knowledge and skills to communicate more effectively
  • Understanding assertiveness and how to apply the DISK recipe in various situations
  • Understanding employee engagement
  • Learning how to inspire your team and bring meaning to their work
  • Understanding the connection between your performance scorecard and delivering through material, people and machines
  • Understanding your team’s role in the value chain
  • Getting what you need from internal suppliers
  • Understanding Supervision as a tool in profit or loss
  • Planning and delivering the perfect operational day that supports your scorecard
  • An enhanced focus on operational performance
  • Knowledge to compile and use your control panel to enhance performance and create value
  • Knowledge and skills to observe, assess and coach your team to fulfil their potential.



Target Group: Supervisors


High-potential women


Women have as much potential as men. However, in most organisations, high-potential women commonly progress into first-line leadership positions before getting ‘stuck’ there. This results in a lack of gender diversity at senior leadership and decision-making levels. The accelerated development of women, therefore, becomes critical for organisations who realise the untapped potential of half their workforce and want to challenge the status quo.



A step-by-step journey that translates potential into performance by building the mindsets and skillsets of women in first-line leader roles and those identified as future leaders.  An important and unique part of the Shine! journey is the active involvement and development of their direct leaders through a different, parallel growth journey.




  • Understanding your self-awareness and self-esteem and their importance in their growth and development
  • Taking ownership of life, work and career
  • Staying positive and motivated through the tough times
  • Identifying career goals and action plans to achieve them
  • Learning to overcome obstacles
  • Gaining clarity on personal purpose and values
  • Shaping a personal brand
  • Spotlighting your strengths
  • Understanding the difference between assertive, aggressive and submissive behaviour
  • Mastering the skills and tools of assertiveness.

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A customised accelerated development blended learning programme for millennial leaders. This programme goes beyond traditional leadership development programmes by placing a particular focus on strengthening the underpinning personal and interpersonal qualities and skills required for people-centred leadership. It enables young leaders to be more successful in their first leadership role and derive greater meaning from their work.


Ignite! strengthens and develops:

  • Personal Competence (including self-awareness, self-esteem, optimism, resilience, internal motivation and emotional control)
  • A compelling vision for Leadership, connected to their personal purpose
  • A deep understanding of the value and purpose of work
  • Insight into their organisation’s journey: the purpose, the bigger picture and the plan to achieve success
  • A strong emotional connection and commitment to the organisation
  • The ability to inspire, recognise and engage the people they lead
  • Interpersonal competence, with a focus on trust, respect and understanding
  • The ability to express themselves with confidence
  • Skills to communicate for clarity, impact and inclusion
  • Competence to coach and develop others
  • Know-how to assert themselves and handle conflict effectively

Our Team of Coaches


Free To Grow’s coaches are highly qualified and/or highly experienced and specialise in different areas from Executive Coaching to Coaching for individuals and teams.

Jo Thomson, Free To Grow Coach

Jo Thomson


Jo is an established strategic HR Executive Professional with more than 29 years of experience across industry sectors.

Jo has a deep passion for improving leadership and corporate efficiency is backed by a Master of Philosophy in Management Coaching (USB) – amongst other qualifications –  and a wealth of experience.

Jo Hobson, Free To Grow Coach, Executive Coach, Leaderhsip Development, INdustrial psychologist, Cape Town

Jo Hobson


Jo is a registered organisational psychologist certified Executive and Team Coach with Results Coaching Systems and Shift-IT Visual Coach.

Jo’s passionate about helping people think, learn and grow. Her 25 years’ experience in Organisational Psychology and HR Management across industries has developed her skills in Organisational Development, Leadership, Coaching, Team Process Work, Neuroscience, Visual Intelligence and Inclusion.

Sean Fjellvik, Free To Grow Coach

Sean Fjellvik


Sean qualified as a coach through the Results Coaching process, which focuses on the neuroscience systems of performance and behavioural change. He is also a skilled professional having worked for more than 20 years across a number of industries and at a senior management level.


Sean has a deep desire to see people (especially leaders) not only change what they do but also how they think.

Senomi de Villiers, Free To Grow Coach

Senomi de Villiers


Senomi has a wealth of experience in leadership and coaching and is a Narrative Coach Enhanced practitioner.

The development of people is part of Senomi’s purpose in life.  She found a home in Narrative Coaching and use the mindful, experiential and holistic approach that helps people shift their stories about themselves, others, and life itself to create new possibilities and new results.


Alinda Nortje, Chairperson Free To Grow

Alinda Nortje


Alinda is the founder and Chairperson of Free To Grow and has more than 30 years’ experience in the design, development and facilitation of learning. Her work has taken her across Africa to Asia and the Middle East, where she has been personally involved in designing large-scale organisation-wide Culture Change and Engagement projects. Alinda’s passion for people, empathy and authenticity enables her to connect and build rapport with people across cultures and job levels, making her an outstanding coach in the fields of learning design, communication and employee engagement.


Sivan Padayachy

Sivan Padayachy


With 19 years of corporate executive experience spanning 15 African countries, Sivan is an established leader and team coach with a deep understanding of the complexities of heterogeneous cultures and leadership.

Sivan is passionate about transforming workplaces towards embracing an inclusive culture. She uses leading-edge individual and team coaching tools to help leaders and teams deal with issues of diversity, inclusion and unconscious bias.

Elzaan Bergh-Botha, Free To Grow Coach

Elzaan Berg-Botha


Elzaan has 20 years of experience in developing people within a business. Her combination of skills in business and people development gives her a unique understanding of what teams and leaders need to shift their realities.

She is passionate about maximizing the potential in individuals and helping them re-frame their stories to approach their work, life and relationships in a new way to achieve better results. She believes in the power of continuous growth and has a Post-Grad Qualification in Innovative Leadership.