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Our Learning Methodology


Free To Grow is an expert in the design of learning programmes. Through 30 years of experience and research in this field, we have developed a methodology that helps people, on all job levels, to understand, remember and apply what they have learned.  We make learning ‘stick’!

In the design of our programmes, we draw from Neuroscience (how the brain functions), Adult Learning Principles (what makes learning exciting, meaningful and ‘sticky’ and Psychology (how individuals and groups behave).

The keys to our learning methodology:

Free To Grow Learning Methodology


The unique Free To Grow blend of experiential activities and metaphor helps learners understand and remember difficult abstract concepts.


Our learning methodology is particularly powerful for entry-level employees and is even accessible for those with an educational backlog.


Free To Grow Learning Methodology lower job levels


Here is a brief experience of our learning methodology in action in the Staying Strong programme:



Our learner material


An extract from our Staying Strong learner e-book to give you a feel of our quality:


Staying Strong workbook xample