“The only thing of real importance that leaders do
is to create and manage culture.”

Edgar Schein

Work & Life Engagement Survey


The saying, ‘What gets measured, gets done’, also applies to Employee Engagement. When performed effectively, Employee Engagement Surveys perform a vital ‘health check’ in the organisation and hold numerous benefits to the business.

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Our Work & Life Engagement Survey offering has been developed to address the common challenges experienced by organisations. Its key differentiators include:

  • Focusses on key Engagement Drivers instead of a long list of nice to knows.
  • Results are easy to categorise and action systematically
  • Explores both work and life. People are holistic and personal factors can & do impact their Engagement readiness
  • Simply phrased, easy to understand questions
  • Implementation strategy ensures a high response rate
  • NOW WHAT? Linked to Free To Grow Drivers of Engagement Model, enabling us to easily integrate the trends into our Employee Engagement programmes.
  • Provides a golden opportunity to demonstrate the importance of employee voice and participation
  • Available in electronic/mobile and/or hardcopy.


What our clients like about it:

“We found this instrument very valuable. It was a useful starting point of our engagement journey, clearly pointing out where we had to focus our attention.”
Reinhardt Van Rooyen, Vesuvius Business Unit Director AR, South Africa


“The survey gave employees on shop-floor a voice. It helped us to uncover engagement levels and provided us with valuable insights.
Using the feedback, we were able to capitalize on opportunities for improvement, identify where our strengths lay, as well as areas of weakness that required intervention. It helped us turn the data into actionable items that the shop-floor employees could recognize as a response to their feedback.”

Annelie Govender, Learning Manager, RCL Foods