FTG Botswana presents SHAPE: a public workshop to help leaders create the culture they want to see in the organisation

Every organisation aspires to win in the marketplace and win in the workplace. Organisations invest much in devising a strategy that will achieve this. But, as Peter Drucker said, culture eats strategy for breakfast. A good strategy, without a culture that makes the execution of the strategy possible, is not worth more than the paper it is printed on.

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In today’s challenging business environment a culture of collaboration and engagement is critical. Organisations need to be able to fully utilise the potential of every employee to remain competitive – they can no longer tolerate passive passengers hanging on for what they ‘get’ from the organisation instead of what they can ‘give.’

Leaders are the key drivers in creating such a culture. The reality, however, is that most leaders are so occupied with the challenge of ‘managing’ that they do not focus on proactively developing culture.

In this hands-on, interactive one-day workshop, we will bring together cutting edge international research on Culture and Employee Engagement with best practices identified through Free To Grow’s work over 25 years

SHAPE promises to inspire your leaders to be the change you want to see in your organisation. It will equip your leaders with the skills and tools to answer the following questions:

1. What is employee engagement and why has it become essential in today’s organisations? How can it give your organisation an edge with your customers and help you attract and retain key talent?
2. What are the signs, symptoms and impact of employees who are engaged (paddlers), not engaged (passengers) and actively disengaged (pirates)?
3. What are the drivers of engagement in the physical and psychological work environment? Which of these are most important and what role does money play?
4. What can you as leader do to proactively drive engagement in critical areas such as participation, recognition, purpose and creating meaningful work?

5. How can you shift communication from creating awareness to obtaining commitment, aligning the hearts and minds

An opportunity

Senior Leaders: this is an ideal opportunity for you to:

  • Grow your knowledge and skills on how to create a culture of engagement and collaboration in your
  • Start creating a common language regarding engagement in your organisation.

What can you expect?

A participative, highly engaging presentation style, with a carefully selected blend of:

  • Theory on the topic, distilled from the work of thought leaders on Culture and Employee Engagement and translated into practical, hands-on information.
  • Practical experience of Free To Grow gained in Culture Change and Employee Engagement processes throughout Africa.
  • The opportunity to interact with delegates from other organisations, sharing experiences and learnings of the topic.


Space is limited. Click here to book your seat today

Gaborone: Wednesday 26 June, 08h00 – 16h30

Cost: BWP 3500 (ex VAT) per person