Recognition: A low cost, high impact driver of engagement

Recognising employees is one of the simplest ways to enhance employee engagement and unlock people’s potential at work. Not only does recognition motivate, provide a sense of achievement and make employees feel valued, but it has been found to increase productivity and loyalty to the organisation, leading to higher retention.

The business impact of employee recognition
To demonstrate how recognition can drive business performance, SHRM/Globoforce’s 2018 Employee Recognition Report highlights the degree to which recognition helps with:

In spite of this clear link between recognition and employee engagement and performance, the reality as highlighted in a 2016 analysis by Gallup, is that only one in three employees strongly agreed that they received recognition or praise for good work in the past seven days. With a large portion of employees not feeling recognised at work, it’s no wonder levels of engagement remain low.

The reality of engagement levels in South Africa

employee engagement, engagement levels, South Africa, Gallup Workplace Report, 2018

Employees who are not engaged represent a risk to the business. Merely, going through the motions they lack the energy and motivation to improve their contributions, costing the organisation in lost productivity and reduced levels of customer service. These employees, however, can tilt either way – good or bad – and imagine the impact on engagement and performance if leaders are able to inspire these employees in the right direction.

In the pursuit of new ideas and approaches to drive engagement, and in turn performance, organisations and leaders often overlook one of the most affordable and easily implemented practices: employee recognition.

Effective Recognition 4 Enhanced Engagement

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