Staying Strong: addressing the dire need for connection

Staying Strong - the dire need for connection


One of the many tragedies of the COVID-19 is our loss of social connection. Previously, most of our working days involved a huge in-person component. We interacted face-to-face. We laughed over lunch, collaborated in meetings and attended events.

Now, many of us connect and collaborate predominantly online with very little social connection and many people are craving human connection more than ever. Much more than a warm fuzzy nice-to-have, social connection is crucial for both psychological and physical health. Evidence shows that social interaction is a biological requirement, much like eating, drinking and sleeping. Our ability to learn to talk, play, acquire new skills, fall in love, conduct business and age in good health all hinge on our motivation and opportunities to connect with other people, social neuroscientists have found. So while social distancing reduces transmission of the virus – it also increases anxiety, frustration and loneliness.

Most leaders are aware of this need. They care enough to reach out and support their teams but feel ill-equipped to do so effectively.

Staying Strong – an opportunity to reconnect meaningfully

The Staying Strong DIY Toolkit provides leaders with the tools to reconnect their teams through meaningful conversations about wellbeing.

This video-based toolkit, compiled from the best nuggets of the Staying Strong resilience programme, adds enormous value by:

Enhancing employee wellbeing over time

  • Provides 15 wellbeing touchpoints over 4 months, offering multiple opportunities for leaders to deepen their connection with their teams
  • Creates an open climate and opens the door to follow-up conversations where team members share their feelings and experiences, grow closer and support each other
  • Creates a common language re wellbeing in teams and across the organisation.

Developing leaders

  • Grows their accountability for the well-being of their people
  • Develops the skills to facilitate meaningful team conversations, a useful skill for all team meetings
  • Provides tools that ensure impact and a positive experience for the team and for the leader, growing the leader’s self-confidence, motivation and sense of achievement.

Enhancing learning

  • Learning happens in digestible, bite-sized chunks – ONE belief or skills to focus on per week
  • Short, powerful videos make content accessible, and ensure that key messages stick
  • Staggered learning provides the opportunity for application between sessions.

Cost and time efficiency

  • Requires minimum time away from work
  • Can be incorporated into existing team meetings of between 10 and 30 minutes per week
  • Presented in-house by leaders themselves, no need for an external facilitator.

Download the Staying Strong interactive e-profile to explore the programme themes and the different implementation options.

The value?

Malebo Mpepele of the Peermont Group on Staying Strong