Looking for a way to meaningfully support your employees?

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“Almost everyone I know has faced some form of pandemic fatigue. In the face of these increasing demands, offering resources that build capacities in business leaders to respond as caregivers is a key job of HR.” – Abbreviated quote of Dave Ulrich in people Leaders Report 2020: HR Ceridian

Most leaders care deeply about the wellbeing of their people but feel ill-equipped to show support in a meaningful way.

How we can support you to strengthen the wellbeing of your people?

Staying Strong has been developed as a tool to build employees’ emotional fitness – resilience, optimism, ownership and flexibility – allowing them to persevere during tough times. It equips HR and leaders the tools and skills to demonstrate their care and positively impact the wellbeing of their employees.

Introducing the Staying Strong DIY toolkit

This innovative toolkit is designed to positively impact the emotional wellbeing of large numbers of frontline employees in a time and resource-effective manner. Selected nuggets from the Staying Strong programme are presented over time as stand-alone videos or unpacked in leader-led team conversations.

The Toolkit comprises fifteen packs addressing various topics from the sources and build-up of stress, to the impact of mindset and lifestyle on our ability to breakthrough instead of break down

Each of the packs contains 3 tools:

1 x Video (5 – 7 minutes)

  • A short, powerful message focused on ONE idea, presented by a skilled, inspirational FTG facilitator
  • Image rich presentation that makes messages easy to understand and remember.


1 x Video (5 – 7 minutes)

  • A step-by-step, easy to follow guide for leaders to have a focused and meaningful conversation on the video theme
  • Optional: 2-hour training for leaders on basic facilitation skills, ensuring the conversation is meaningful and flows.


1 x Info Sheet (1 pager)

  • A visual summary of the key video take-outs to review and share with family and friends
  • A practical exercise to encourage application
  • Simple and relatable content.


Watch this 3-minute video to get an experience of the videos in the DIY Toolkit

Click here to download the Staying Strong interactive e-profile and explore the content themes, the flexible implementation options and other unique benefits.

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Get in touch with us today via www.freetogrow.com or contact Kim van Schoor on 084 442 5619 or kim@ftgsa.co.za to explore how we can contribute to what you are doing to enhance the wellbeing and engagement of your employees.