Staying Strong: Equipping employees to cope with emotional stress

COVID-19 emotional tsumani

As Coronavirus dominates the headlines and public concern is on the rise, people are increasingly experiencing waves of anxiety, panic and fear. Psychologists refer to these feelings of fear, trauma and persistent uncertainty, as an ‘emotional tsunami’. They further warn of the impact that prolonged anxiety can have on emotional wellbeing, interpersonal relationships, physical health and work performance.

With employee anxiety at record levels, organisations have an opportunity to support their people and positively influence their motivation, engagement and productivity. This can be done by complementing the focus on physical wellness that most COVID-19 education campaigns had up to now, with an investment in employee mental health and emotional wellbeing.

Staying Strong: Our approach to Employee Wellbeing

Staying Strong focuses on strengthening resilience, optimism and ownership – a mindset that will positively impact employees’ work and lives far beyond COVID-19.

Staying Strong can be implemented in two ways:

  1. A 4-hour condensed or full-day immersive workshop (face-to-face or virtual)
  2. A DIY toolkit* of 16 high-impact, short videos and personal toolkits containing visual guidelines to apply and share. This toolkit can be used in team meetings, distributed via company Apps or mobile devices or displayed on digital screens in the workplace.

*In development 

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Staying Strong complements the COVID-19 Frontline Toolkit which offers a parallel conversation on physical wellness, but can also be implemented on its own

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