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“A tiny seed can grow into a big tree.”

African proverb

Stephané Bekker



Stephane Bekker Executiv: Learning Solutions Free To GrowStephané joined the Programme Development team at Free To Grow in 2016. In her short tenure, she has grown and contributed significantly and now holds the position of Executive: Learning Solutions.


Her tertiary education and experience in Education and Theatre prove to be a powerful combination that allows her to develop Free To Grow’s learning material with courage, creativity and passion. Her ability to sort through clutter and spotlight essentials results in engaging learning solutions that are relevant and fit for purpose. She is dedicated to delivering content that is accessible, digestible and retainable.


“When I develop learning solutions, I have to wear mental bifocals. I look far to consider outcomes, structure and flow. I look near to meticulously shape the intricate nuances needed for high impact adult learning experiences.”


Stephané has not only mastered Free To Grow’s unique learning methodology but also has a deep understanding of Free To Grow’s facilitation methodology and is herself a dynamic facilitator. This enables her to develop with a clear vision of the learning in action.



“My dream is to continue Alinda Nortje’s legacy in creating learning solutions that improve the quality of individuals’ lives and the culture of organisations. I hope to complement our dynamic face 2 face learning by embracing the world of online learning and for Free To Grow to deliver exceptional solutions with great relevance in the fourth industrial revolution and beyond,” says Stephané.