Looking for a wellbeing programme that sticks?

Looking for a wellbeing programme that sticks?

Alinda Nortje, Free To Grow's learning methdology


In learning, content is key. But so is the learning methodology  This is true about all learning programmes, including those aimed at building emotional fitness and increasing resilience.

If the focus is only on ‘transferring content’ on wellbeing, without touching people on a deeper level by changing their minds and touching their hearts, then behaviour change is unlikely. The learning opportunity will be wasted and the ROI  minimal.

Free To Grow is an expert in the field of learning design. Thirty years of experience and research have crafted a unique blend of experiential learning, metaphor and visuals, that help people, on all job levels, to understand, remember and apply what they have learned.  Our methodology makes learning ‘spark’ and ‘stick’!


Reubenette Motloheloa, Distell, Free To Grow

Our Approach


We understand that people have a huge need to learn and grow, especially at this time when they are faced with so much uncertainly, fear and loss. But the learning needs to be interesting, meaningful and relevant to be of value. And ideally, it needs to be shared in digestible chunks.
Staying Strong,
our contribution to building emotional fitness, meets the following common learning needs:


Free To Grow's learning methdology


Click here for a brief experience of our learning methodology in action in the Staying Strong DIY video toolkit.

What sets Staying Strong apart?

  • Different implementation options, from face to face workshops to virtual sessions to a DIY video-based toolkit for leaders to use in their team meetings
  • Our learning methodology is particularly powerful for entry-level employees, even for those with an educational backlog.

Malebo Mpepele of Peermont on Staying Strong's learning methodology


Download the Staying Strong interactive e-profile to explore the programme themes and implementation options.