Stopping the holes in your culture bucket

Expecting leaders to shape the culture you want in your organisation without ensuring your employees are ‘onboard’, is like trying to fill a hole-riddled bucket.

WorkQ programme

When leaders are equipped with the skills to create and sustain an engaging work environment (inspire, engage, inform, involve, grow and recognise their people) and

Employees have the confidence and commitment to take ownership and see themselves as co-creators of the company then,  performance peaks.

Like the water in the bucket, leaders’ efforts to engage will be wasted when employees are not emotionally and intellectually ready to engage.

Equipping employees for change and engagement

WorkQ is a powerful programme that equips employees with this confidence and commitment to become co-creators of both their own and the organisation’s futures.

Three (or more) journeys form a strong foundation:

  • Personal journey: grows self-confidence and helps employees to fully utilise their strengths and unlock their potential in the workplace
  • Work journey: encourages them to find meaning in their work and engage in conversations to shape a fulfilling work environment
  • Organisation’s journey: creates awareness of the current business environment and the importance of principles such as Quality, Service, Price and Profit. It develops an understanding of the Purpose, Picture and Plan of the organisation, and identifies the Part that each individual needs to play to help the organisation prosper.


Click here for a short, fun video on the value & impact of WorkQ

WorkQ CCBSA, employee engagement

Next steps?

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