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Helping employees cope with persistent uncertainty

After seven months of extreme uncertainty, many of us are experiencing waves of anxiety and fear. Psychologists refer to these feelings of fear and persistent uncertainty, as an ‘emotional tsunami’. They further warn of the impact that prolonged anxiety can have on emotional wellbeing, interpersonal...

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Helping employees to grow their Money Sense

After a particularly challenging year, PWC's 2020 Employee Financial Wellness Survey reports that financial matters are the top stressor among employees globally. Financial problems do not only impact every facet of the lives of those affected, but also the organisations for which they work. It is estimated...

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Helping employees buy wisely this holiday season

Our “above the surface" spending habits are influenced by our “below the surface" needs (both conscious and subconscious) - emotions, attitudes, values, perceptions & beliefs. Marketers understand the psychology behind this only too well and we are lured into buying for all the wrong reasons. As employers, we...

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