Urban farmers grow their Lifeskills with the help of the Free To Grow Foundation

In support of Abalimi Bezekhaya, a development organisation committed to the advancement of impoverished groups in the greater Cape Town Area, the Free To Grow Foundation sponsored 22 community members, from Khayelitsha, to attend FTG Lifeskills. The workshop was rolled out as part of an...

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Building the nation Stroke by Stroke: FTG partners with the South African Golf Development Board to inspire their youth

For almost 20 years the South African Golf Development Board (SAGDB) has successfully been driving their purpose of ‘making golf accessible to all South Africans by providing and facilitating practise and playing opportunities for learners from all underprivileged communities’. Recently SAGDB approached Free To Grow...

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FTG helps MathMoms empower women to become catalysts of change in their communities

As the old Chinese Proverb says, “it is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness”. Passionate about adding value to people’s lives, our purpose is to empower people from the inside, by strengthening their psychological capital (PsyCap), consisting of hope, optimism, resilience...

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